Find Out More About Ms Australia Continents 2017 – Jasmine Nicole


Ms. Jasmine Nicole has the proud achievement of not only being the first ever Ms. Australia Continents – but also of being the first ever Miss Australia Continents. One could say that the competition starts and ends with her! At age 28 Jasmine describes herself as ‘a gypsy at heart’ and likes to spend her free time at the movies, walking (or sunbathing) on the beach or spending time with her partner. She is also very family orientated, and describes one of her favourite experiences so far to be that she got to do all of this with her family behind her- the folks she describes as ‘incredibly supportive’ and her favourite people in the whole world. She is also a keen surfer and enthusiastic dancer, counting these as some of her many talents.


Jasmine (whose stage name is Jasmine Farlow) loves pageants because she sees them as an empowering journey for all the young men and women that take part. She treasures the people she has met through the competitions and has loved the whole experience of being involved. She counts one of her favourite moments from the whole competition as seeing her fellow Queen’s all smiling on stage to accept their awards and felt this brought a great sense of unity to the girls. She thinks there will be a huge future in Australian pageants once popularity soars as it has done in other countries, and she is proud to be one of the trendsetters behind it all. Jasmine also offers inspiring advice to youngsters hoping to follow in her footsteps. She says young girls must stay respectful to everyone in the field, if you apply yourself to your dreams they will eventually come true. She also gives a beautiful piece of advice to all aspiring models out there- you are not to everyone’s taste. Nobody alive is to everyone’s taste. Keep focusing on your dream and try your luck elsewhere, and nothing will ever be unattainable to you!


As well as being a keen dancer, pageant winner, and surfer, Jasmine also wants to promote the social aspect of pageantry over the more superficial elements. She believes that the community and charity work are the key benefits that arise from pageantry- as opposed to physical beauty. As such, she will continue to work towards those ends, making an equal pageant world for everyone.

So what does the future hold for Miss Farlow? The well educated MS Australia Continents has various qualifications and she wants to represent the competition as best as she can throughout the year. After that, Miss Farlow wants to expand into creating her system, so that she can bring the joy of the pageantry experience to others! Jasmine certainly has a bright future ahead of her regarding performances, speeches and modeling work. Miss Farlow’s other lifelong goal is to marry and start a family, but at only 28 she still has plenty of time for that!


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