Find Out More About Miss Australia Continents 2017- Gemma White


This year Gemma White was voted Miss Australia Continents 2017 after a riveting competition. Miss White is an Australian born 26-year-old with a passion for pageantry and a love of her craft. A keen outdoors-woman, Gemma’s other hobbies include mountain climbing and jet skiing- on top of her regular day job, her pageant work and all the philanthropic and charity work that she does. Gemma White is the embodiment of all the hard work it takes to lead the way in the pageant world!

Miss White is a bit of a double-barrelled threat since her chosen career is actually in Real Estate and not Pageantry. She hopes that one day she will be able to buy a few of her own properties and become an investor – all of this when she could have a successful career as a model and public figure in the world of the arts! As well as being all of the above, Miss White is a keen enthusiast of family and family values, and spends any free time she has partaking in ‘family time’. She credits most of her success not only to her own hard work but also to the support and love she receives from her family, whom she also loves to scrapbook with. With a diploma in Project management and property services, Gemma is truly breaking the mold and proving that women across Australia have beauty as well as brains.


Gemma (who describes standing on stage to be crowned as one of the best experiences of her life so far) works closely with charity ICANIWILL, who’s aiming to wipe out bullying and to bridge social differences. Gemma is a keen anti-bullying advocate. She says that we all come from different backgrounds and social situations – but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t all beautiful. You are your own kind of beautiful, she says, a message well received during Miss Australia Continents 2017.


So what does the future hold for Gemma White? The ultimate life goal for her is to achieve her Property Investment dreams, continue with her charity and philanthropic work as a way of giving back to her community and to ultimately enjoying life.  She also has a dream that she will one day represent Australia on an international level, a dream that she has spent many years trying to achieve and to which Miss Australia Continents 2017 is only the start.


As a final thought, Miss White would like to break the stigma surrounding pageants. Beautiful girls can be smart too, and there is a whole lot more hard work that goes into Pageantry that the outside world simply does not see. When combined with charity work and community projects being a beauty queen is a full time job… and Miss White has only gone and proved that she can do it all.

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