How To Deal With Catty On The Catwalk In Three Easy Ways


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You would only have to watch one episode of Australia’s Top Model to know that models can be catty. From name calling, to back-stabbing to premeditated sabotage… being a model can be a tough and competitive gig.

It’s true that most industries – in fact, most places that involve people in general – can be subject to bullying, standoffs and underhanded power plays. However, these issues are certainly heightened in the image-centric and cut-throat world of modelling. What are some ways to keep your sanity and rise above those who are set to tear you down?

­Focus on yourself

You’re only ever (in actuality) in competition with yourself. We all have unique characteristics. And, embracing what is different and unique to you is the key to confidence. Being assured in yourself means that you can rise about the pettiness that anyone can put your way. Sure, it can be hard to remember this in the moment but taking the high road is always better for your reputation in the long run. In short, being the bigger person will pay off. An important quote to remember is that “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

Have barriers

Working as a model comes with its fair share of criticism and scrutiny. In today’s digital age networking via social media is crucial to success. It does have its downsides, however. In some ways you may feel like you are a public entity and a product and to some extent this is, of course, true. Acknowledge and appreciate your fan base and supporters but always maintain a firm boundary.

Keep work and personal life separate and employ methods to delineate between the two. You might look at setting up a social media account/s for work purposes only. You may even look at employing a professional social media manager. In any case, setting firm restrictions between yourself and the general public is a great way to eliminate the unnecessary stress and criticism that can, unfortunately, come with the territory. You really do need to be able to shut down from all that to ensure a healthy and happy life in general.

Remember your goals

Don’t lose sight of the prize.  Remember that your detractors would love to see you fall. Don’t give them the satisfaction of focusing on their game. Instead, focus on your own. Take a deep breath and remember that it’s your path and yours alone. The best revenge is always success. And, negativity can only ever breed more of the same. Focus on your goals and leave no room to spend engaging with your adversaries. The will be so surprised and baffled, it’s almost laughable.

Focus on your health and wellbeing to make yourself more resilient. Consider a yoga class or do more of what you enjoy. Make sure you surround yourself with positive people. Remember, if someone talks to you about another person behind their back then you can be 100 percent sure that they are doing it to you. Don’t ever join the club – don’t ever become a bully yourself. And, never forget to smile.  Keep your head high and you’ll triumph, not only in terms of your career, but in terms of your personal growth – which is ultimately the most important thing of all.

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