Meet The 2 Beauty Queens Who Celebrated New Year By Helping The Less Fortunate


Photos taken by Syed Hossain

The new year is usually filled with so much excitement that it is easy to get distracted by celebrations and indulgence all around us and forget what’s really important.

Maddy May and Taz Dunstan are two passionate women who want to make a difference in peoples’ lives. Miss May is an ambassador for women, equality health, and wellbeing with a background in youth work. Miss Dunstan, on the other hand, is an ambassador for the Movember Foundation, a supporter of the Starlight Foundation and always volunteering where ever possible for humanitarian causes. She’s also an ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation, in fact, she established the brand: “Angels 4 Angels” to raise funds to fight breast cancer. Both Miss May and miss Dunstan  have been recognized for their efforts and are now both NSW finalists for “Miss Star International.” On New Year’s Eve, while others were getting ready to celebrate, these women took to the streets of Sydney CBD to distribute gift care packages to the homeless.


“It doesn’t take much to make a difference to someone’s day, even just a smile and acknowledgment can be a life-saving gesture,” said miss Dunstan. “For me, it’s not so much a hand out as a hand up,  giving people in need of some items that will make them more comfortable and empowered to help their brothers and sisters on the street.”

“Being able to give something useful to someone when they’re doing it really tough, is so rewarding” Miss May added.


Miss May and Miss Dunstan had gone to a discount shop to purchase: Backpacks, face wipes, deodorant, socks, thongs, umbrellas, nuts, water, toothbrushes, notepads, and pens. They had also topped up the packs with sandwiches, water and other snacks, all of the things that these girls would want to have if they were living on the streets. Seven packs were distributed overall averaging approximately $30 each which isn’t a lot, but they both agreed; “it’s not what you spend, but the intention behind it. Every little bit counts.”

Miss Dunstan further said “The most humbling part of the experience was seeing how the people with nothing are often the most generous and thoughtful of others. One beautiful woman playing the accordion, who we offered a pack too, politely took out one item and suggested we go down the street further to a man who looked like he needed it more than she did. A lesson we could all learn about compassion and selflessness.”


In addition to the outreach, Miss May and Miss Dunstan also spent some time on New Year’s Eve raising awareness of breast cancer research and painting the town pink with the Angels 4 Angels message. For more information, you can visit

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