Smart Fashion Tips From 8 Of The Biggest Fashion Designers In The World

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Does your fashion sense make you look dowdy?

Today’s fashion world is a truthful combination of elegance and hard work. Often, with emerging trends and old-school comebacks, finding the right balance and sophistication can be as confusing and demanding as your real day job and yet, we wake up every day and participate in an endless sartorial display of fashionable clothes and dresses as we make the streets, a runway of reality and glamour.

Fashion is power. There’s Beyoncé, Kate Middleton, Tory Burch, Anna Wintour and Miuccia Prada who all shine equally fierce and bright as they reign the fashion industry without batting an eyelash. Their styles are luxurious and admirable that most of the time, the same fashion, the actual beauty and style that we see in them superseded our laidback approach in dressing up and becoming glamorous.

While the fashion industry may seem too shallow and dominating, we demystify the people behind designer clothes to see if fashion is only as famous as celebrities and personalities who represent it. Read on as some of the most famous designers dole out worthy fashion advice that matter.

“Wear who you really are and dress according to your own individuality and style. This is more important than the momentary trends.”
-Donna Karan

“When it comes to men’s fashion, going easy on colours are highly advisable. Invest on khaki, black, white or navy. No guy would want a colourful mix of outfits.”
-Tommy Hilfiger

“Know what suits you by creating and developing your individual style and stick to it. Don’t appear like you’re trying too hard.”
-Giorgio Armani

“Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. This will help you look confident and confidence attracts beauty.”
-Diane von Furstenberg

“Following a trend just because it’s in is dangerous. Trends should make you feel confident and glamorous in able for you to be really fashionable.”
-Donatella Versace

“Fashion is a means of communication where you listen to what other people say about how you dress. This will help you pinpoint how you get your message totally wrong and it’s nice to have these people help you with it.”
-Dries Van Noten

“Fashion is a form of self-expression. Every day, take time to think what you want to say to the world.”
-Kenneth Cole

“Simplicity is true elegance.”
-Coco Chanel

Clearly, there is more to fashion than beauty and elegance. When outer luxury has been established, everything will still boil down to one’s personality and character. Falling into the trap of shallowness is easy but as what these designers believed, looking good and feeling good about one’s self still demands a deeper understanding.

The culture of fashion is fast evolving. Trends come and go but what matters seriously are the people wearing the dresses and suits. Yes, these designer outfits can be a social indicator but whether you will look good in it or not depends solely on how you carry yourself.

So are you a fashion-inspired or a striving fashion-impaired?

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