How To Make Fashion A Thriving Career


Being part of the fashion industry is a very glamorous job because you get to dictate the trendy styles that the public will wear, get the opportunity to influence society, and be able to rub elbows with famous celebrities during parties and social events. However, it is to be noted that no one in the world of fashion was catapulted to fame and popularity in an instant. As this is generally true for all types of careers, everyone starts from scratch. And with a good amount of hard work, enthusiasm and luck, it is not impossible to succeed in the fashion industry.

Fashion Designers

As a fashion designer, you need to have the innate ability to create unique and wearable clothing styles and successfully communicate them on paper. And if you have this gift, then, you need to nourish it by formalizing your education with the help of training schools to cement your qualifications as a fashion designer. In fashion school, you will be taught of the fundamentals in drawing, design, sewing, manufacturing, and textiles, among others. If you want to be a successful fashion designer one day, you always have to be on top of everyone else. In other words, you need to be always alert of the latest trends that are going on in society. Moreover, it is important that you come up with a niche. You need to determine if you are specifically interested in designing footwears, clothing lines or accessories, and the like. To become a thriving fashion designer, talent, uniqueness and creativity are just some of the ingredients. Other key components are the dedication and hard work to your craft.

Fashion Merchandisers

If you want to become a fashion merchandiser, you must know the following key points: what the consumers want, how to present your products, what they would want to pay for it and how to entice them in purchasing the items you have presented. As a fashion merchandiser you need not only be an expert in fashion, you also have to combine this expertise with other equally important skills in business, finance and advertising because creating budgets, tracking net incomes and losses, monitoring inventories, developing marketing strategies, and coming up with visual displays to draw in the attention of your consumers will become your best buddies—you have to love and live them. Indeed, being a fashion merchandiser entails a lot of skills, but, it also opens a lot of doors to opportunities and career advancements.

Fashion Stylists

The job of a fashion stylist is to make someone look good. They must be very knowledgeable as to what colours, fabrics, accessories and styles work best to compliment someone’s look and shape. The success of a fashion stylist depends on the end product and how the subject looks good in ads or campaigns. Apparently, the success of a certain product being advertised will also depend on how successful the model is in delivering the message to the public. This responsibility is bore by the fashion stylists. If the model does not have what it takes to communicate to the public, then, it is the fashion stylist’s job to revamp or do a total makeover to the model to make him or her have what it takes to look good in photo shoots.

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