7 Life-Changing Lessons I Learned About Love In The Last 5 Years


Nobody said that loving someone is easy, yet it’s still something that most people crave in their lives. Since the beginning of time people have tried to dissect and explain love through poetry, songs and even plays, but until now it still remains one of the biggest mysteries in the world. Here’s what I’ve discovered about love after spending several years falling in and out of love.

Mutual benefactors

When looking for the right partner we usually look for a relationship where both parties can benefit from. Both want to be happy, know what to expect in the relationship and eventually want to get to the point of becoming soul mates. Whatever flaws the other person has should be accepted because let’s face it; no one is perfect and acceptance is the foundation of lasting relationships.

Love is a risk

When a person’s in love it’s common that person to be prepared to take risks they would not usually do in any other circumstance. For example, this could be getting married quickly or spending time away from home after knowing the other person for a very little time. Unlike other decisions in life that we may ponder over and even discuss with others, love is one of those things where no one else’s opinion can make a difference to the way we feel.

Love can change you

When you fall in love the term ‘I’ becomes ‘we’ and rather than just choosing the things we would as a single person it becomes natural to also take into account our partner’s feelings. This, of course, can make changes to our identity over time. In some cases, this can be a good thing, but that is unfortunately not always the case.

Cheating shows there is no love left if there was any, to begin with

People regularly say that if you love someone then you would not want to look elsewhere. In some cases, a person may be with another yet be on the lookout for something better. In doing so this can tear apart the unity that was once shared causing not only destruction to the other person but also yourself. True love means not being tempted by others and true and utter commitment to your partner.

Living for someone other than yourself

Truly in love people usually stop to look at what is best for them and take their partners feelings into consideration. In doing so we can stop being the individual we once were to consider what our partners want. A good example of this is going shopping and calling our partner to see if they would like anything rather than just purchasing something for ourselves.

The person we love reflects who we are

Before falling in love it is important to know your own values. Although some may disagree, the person you choose can actually represent yourself. This is not always good because for some – their partners’ bad qualities can become their own.

The whole world looks different

I truly believe that when you are in love you are consistently devoted to the other person’s needs rather than just your own. This also means trusting another person and not questioning the reasons behind the decisions they make which helps you to find peace. Falling in love with another person combines you in ways you couldn’t imagine as everything from friends and hobbies can change. Without the person you love you feel as though you can no longer exist. You need each other in the same way that the heart is unable to beat without the air you breathe.

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