4 Types Of Dates You Should Look Out For And How to Deal With Them


So you have finally decided to move on and forget about that bad breakup. You now find yourself wanting to enter the dating world once more but too scared you might end up with Mr. Wrong again.

You have to fight that feeling by going out into the real world and be ready to meet real men. Knowing what type you are dealing with can save you from heartache as long you can read between the lines. Here are the four types of dates that you might possibly encounter, and some tips on how to handle them.     

1. The Serious-Romantic Guy

This man surely knows how to treat his woman right.

He politely asks you out on a date and is not the type who easily gives up when you turn him down and when you finally say yes, he shows up at your doorstep with flowers, chocolates, and the whole shebang. He holds open the car door for you and takes you to an impressive place he has earlier planned. Conversations are never a problem with this type because romantic men know what women want to hear. This type is also more expressive about his feelings and sometimes, even without saying a word would let you know he wants you to be more than just a friend. If you are into this guy and see the possibility in wanting to be with him officially, make sure you give him the impression that you are interested in a second date and would love to get to know him more.

2.  The Flirt

During conversations, he catches your attention with his one-liners and intentionally touches you in a way that would make you feel like you are the only woman in the room. He gives out signals that say “I want to be with you in a more private place.” These gestures may have been used countless times with other women as well. He talks about past girlfriends, relationships, and even flings and how much fun he had. The Flirt gives you hints on his commitment issues and makes sure you get his point clearly: He just wants to have fun with you right here, right now.  The best way to deal with The Flirt is to keep reminding yourself that this guy is commitment-phobic. While out on a date with this type, try to get as much fun as you could and avoid making any emotional investments.

3.  Mr. Know-It-All

He is the master of his own universe and he is born to impress. He invites you out on a date just to have someone listen to his endless bragging about things he is most knowledgeable of. He gives out the impression that he is a very intelligent person and that he is a good catch because he knows a lot about almost anything. The choice of topics during the conversation is always something this man manipulates. He seldom allows you to give your opinions and when you do, he would deliberately disagree. This type is not someone most women would not want to date because instead of having fun, women end up getting annoyed. Excuse yourself in a polite manner and give him hints that he needs to hit the road, Jack.

4.  The Best Friend Material

Not all guys ask women out on a date with the intentions of getting into a romantic relationship. In the same way that women do not always go out with men with the hope that he could be “the one”. When going out with this type of guy, the “just friends” stage goes deeper without getting romantic. This guy is someone you can call when your car breaks down when you need to change a jammed doorknob or even someone you can talk to about heart aches when you do not feel the need of a girlfriend to share your thoughts with.  When you encounter this type, make sure to make your side clear. Do you really want to be just friends or are you expecting something deeper? When you find yourself falling for this type of guy, the best way is to express your feelings and thoughts and if you do not get favorable answers, then try to work on the friendship. After all, all women would always benefit from having a guy best friend.

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