Meet The Talented Designers Who Will Be Displaying Their Collections At The Rise Project 2018


What:  The Rise Project is a wonderful initiative founded by Sydney based fashion designers and stylist Marky Dong. It has been set up to help designers like Marky share their love of fashion to the general audience. They are also donating the admission fee to the Breast Cancer Organisation Australia on the day with a cheque. This is their way of giving back to Australia.

When: Sunday, 25 March 2018 (10:00 am – 5:00 pm AEST)

Where: Bankstown Sports Club (8 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown, NSW 2200)

Meet the Designers:

Designer: Sruti Jindal

Collection Name: Pearls of Banaras
Concept: Inspired by her native India and influenced by the love of the Australian outdoor easy-going lifestyle, Sruti Jindal’s first collection – Pearls of Banaras- captures the essence of a free-spirited, bohemian way of life.

Sruti has been bitten by the wanderlust bug since she was a little girl. The thought of exploring new places has always been exciting and interesting. She is drawn to free-spirited, bohemian ways of living in countries and cultures and loves embracing people outside her tribe. Sruti says, “When we’re traveling between countries, we realize there are some perfect moments where our differences become our similarities.”

Banaras, more commonly known as Varanasi, is known for its many Ghats, embankments made in steps of stone slabs along the Ganges. Intrigued by these vast shapes and patterns of these huge steps, Sruti then noticed the geometric patterns of the Sydney Opera House hulls where reminiscent of these steps. The result was four patterns are featured in this Collection – chevron, triangle, diamond, and stripes – imitating these architectural works of two very different cities.

Sruti combines her passion for travel with her rich culture of India. Pearls of Banaras focus on the sensual, feminine form and playful silhouettes using natural fabrics that flow and breathe in the hot Australia landscape.

The Pearls of Banaras collection pieces are delicately structured, with a versatile ability to change from relaxed summer fun to special dinner date evening pieces and parties. Each piece complements to the perfect cocktails on the beach wardrobe with sophisticated femininity.

Sruti’s love of texture and embellishments can be seen in the delicately crafted detail. The fabrics are selected from Banaras itself and comprise of ivory cotton-silk yarns that are hand woven by skilled artisans using a jacquard weaving technique and feather cut in geometric patterns to give it depth and definition. These artisans and fabrics are exclusive to one state in India which makes them extremely rare. They are ethically sourced, ethically made and hand finished with a detailed feature of a mother of pearl buttons, fringing, lace, poms poms and decorative beaded and shell tassels in the SJ studio in India for an authentic accent. The different shades of blue trims represent the shades of the ocean and sky of Australia.

Since they’re made on a hand loom, it takes a great deal of time and care to manufacture, so the weaves change, and the exact patterns are in short supply.

This capsule consists of 10 pieces including dresses, scarves, pants, a cover-up, and a vest.

Sruti Jindal

Designer: Gisma Muon

Gisma Muon

Designer: Shampa Popy

Shampa Popy

Designer: Sasha Lian Diniz

Label Name: SASHED

Sasha Lian Diniz is the founder and director of SASHED The Label. She established SASHED last May 2017 with the intention of creating a label that combined her passions for dance, positive motivation and fitness. SASHED focuses on the power of apparel and its impact on performance.

They believe that nothing can stop a determined mind, this is their mantra and their fierce apparel and the purposeful people who wear it, are a direct reflection of this. Their versatile designs are a perfect fusion of fashion and functionality.

SASHED combines elements of activewear, streetwear, and dancewear, allowing those who wear it to have complete confidence on the street, in the dance studio and during workouts.

It is their mission to give you the strength needed to enable you to work to your highest ability.

Designer: Tiana Van

Tiana Van is a Sydney based Fashion designer inspired by romanticism, eroticism, and expressionism. Coming from two different cultures helps the Australian designer understand more about the diversity of how women like to dress; and what will flourish their beauties, brighten those curves and make them more attractive.

After graduating, Tiana had chances to work with various bridal fashion houses where her talents were realized and endorsed exceptionally in textiles, pattern making, designing and couture sewing techniques, despite her young age. She also attended Western Fashion designer competition and luckily won its first prize followed by a VIP private show at The Argyle Exclusive Runway Femme Fatale. Her Divine Feminine collection then reached the first cover of the Solis Magazine. Soon after that, one of her evening gown in the Time Traveller collection was also chosen and presented by Miss Russia Australia 2017 on the Alpha Fashion Magazine’s cover. A lot of her collections continue to find their places in interviews and photo shoots with other fashion magazines such as Dreamingless, Elegant, Solis, Scorpiojin, Oi Magazine, and Style Of The Impressionism Magazine.

Becoming a senior Pattern Maker at such young age, her talent was realized and got invited to work with one of top Australian bridal fashion house, Pallas couture, freelancing Patternmaker for Rachel Gilbert and being a head Pattern Maker in J.Andreatta bridal fashion house. And so, Tiana will continue to pursue her dream and career in fashion industry bringing the most beautiful fashion trends for all the women love.

Sasha Lian Diniz

Designer: Omi Kay

Omi Kay

Designer: Rita Mazloum

Rita Mazloum

Designer: Marky Duong

Marky Duong graduated in Bachelor of Branded Fashion from the Billy Blue College of Design. Marky has experienced the hardest challenge of working in a designer’s house and as a freelancer.

Starting with fashion design but leading up to becoming a fashion stylist and art director after five years, he’s now a fashion designer/event manager for the up and coming Rise Project.


Model | ANA ( PMD Model)
Make-up & Hair | VU NGUYEN ART
Costume | MARKY DONG
Assistant | TANI DINH

You can purchase tickets to this event by clicking this link: The Rise Project


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