Instagram Model Of The Month: Diana Ladaniak


There’s more to modeling than just a beautiful face and body; you also need to have a bright mind, an adventurous spirit, and a warm heart – and no one else embodies these traits quite like Diana Ladaniak of Ukraine.

At twenty-one years old, she is both incredibly compassionate and intelligent. Not only is she a stunningly gorgeous and a popular model, but she also possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and has plans to become someday involved in the tourism industry, showing that there is much more to Miss Ladaniak than meets the eye.

Diana enjoys meeting new people and traveling to many new places. Traveling is a great passion of Diana’s, as is being able to explore all the additional opportunities she encounters along the way that can help her to expand her creative horizons.


And while Diana does enjoy the modeling and fashion world, she acknowledges that it can sometimes be difficult in terms of maintaining strong self-esteem, especially when one is subjected to unnecessarily harsh criticisms and critiques. Additionally, she has also shared that it can also be difficult to obtain a steady income from it, especially since binding contracts are hard to come by.

Diana is incredibly hard-working, as all people in the modeling industry must be. Photo shoots and modeling jobs often involve long hours and standing up for long periods of time, and necessitating levels of endurance those of us not in the modeling industry can only dream of. In general, she says that “the conditions are demanding and stressful, the hours are long, and the profession requires a commitment to looking your best at all times”. Her understanding of this in combination with her willingness to commit to these long hours and stressful photo shoots paint the picture of a talented and driven young woman.

Furthermore, Diana stands apart for her empathy and ability to connect with others, marking her as a generous and kind-hearted young woman. She has learned through her experiences that every person she meets has a story of their own and that these unique stories all have the possibility to teach her something and help her grow. She credits her late grandmother Galyna for this penchant for compassion and kindness, saying that she learned from her grandmother “to be respectful and not self-centered”, while also adding that her grandmother “cared more about others than she cared about herself”.


Diana gets loving and endless support from her mother, who is constantly supportive and encouraging of her daughter’s dreams and goals; when asked about their relationship, Diana says that “I am very close to my mother. She is like my best friend,” while also adding that her mother is always ready to offer advice and encouragement when she needs it, “because she really cares.”

All in all, Diana Ladaniak is a brilliant, beautiful, and kind-hearted young woman with great things on the horizon for her.


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