Interview With An Instagram Superstar: Make Way For The Stunning Lindsey Pelas


Photos supplied by Lindsey Pelas

Best known as “Instagram’s Ultimate Southern Belle,” and one of MAXIM’s favourite girls, world-renowned supermodel and social media mogul Lindsey Pelas is finally releasing her highly anticipated lifestyle podcast, “Eyes Up Here with Lindsey Pelas.”

Busty, blonde, and brainy, Pelas takes her more than 11+ million combined social media fans on a wild ride discussing her take on life, pop culture, the ins and outs of Hollywood from her perspective. “Eyes Up Here with Lindsey Pelas” promises to give her adoring fans, new listeners, and haters a new perspective on the modern-day bombshell, and make them see past the perfect platinum blonde hair and bikini body.


Photos supplied by Lindsey Pelas

When Lindsey isn’t busy working on expanding her empire, recording her podcast, or modelling around the world, she enjoys cooking and keeping her body fit by hiking, cycling, weightlifting and aerial yoga. She is heavily involved with charities close to her heart including Baby Buggy LA and visiting underprivileged youth in Florida. She also recently teamed up with CRUBOX in Los Angeles as a part of her workout routine and hosted a grand opening of the gym to help raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

StarCentral Magazine recently sat down with Lindsey Pelas courtesy of the Anderson Group to find out more about her and here’s what went down.

1 How were you actually ‘discovered’?

I feel like I sort of discovered myself because no one ever suggested I move to LA and try to make it, haha! In college, I had an obsession with glamour, celebrities and modelling and I just thought it felt right.

2 What do you like most about being a model and a social media personality?

I really enjoy the learning opportunities. I am so lucky to get to meet people that are in incredible positions of success. Listening to advice and just learning from extraordinary people is definitely my favourite perk. The travelling isn’t too bad either…


Photos supplied by Lindsey Pelas

3 What first interested you in modelling?

I was always fascinated by pop stars growing up. When I got older that translated to professional cheerleaders, swimsuit models, beauty pageants and Playboy Playmates. I think I’ve always been obsessed with dressing up, glamour and women who were the centre of attention lol Modeling was a natural fit.

4 What made you decide to make it into a career?

When Instagram began, I posted a lot of selfies and got interest from photographers in California. I never imagined I could make a career of it, but once I moved to Hollywood everything kind of took off! I quit my bartending job as soon as endorsements and modelling jobs paid more!


Photos supplied by Lindsey Pelas

5 When did your career start?

I’d say my career truly began three years ago when I moved to Los Angeles.

6 What do you enjoy most about modelling?

I enjoy the glamour and the opportunity to be creative.

7 We note that you have more than seven million followers on Instagram- what is your secret to gaining a lot of followers?

My secret is to be authentic. People can tell if you’re faking who you are or what you’re about. I say – always be yourself.

8 What sort of marketing do you do to make your image and brand more appealing to the audience?

I think I just behave authentically, not so much trying to appeal to anyone. In fact, being authentic naturally draws some people away from me sometimes, haha! I only want an audience that is there for the real me, it’s really not a marketing plan.

9 How active are you on social media? Do you interact with your fans a lot on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.?

I’m pretty active on most platforms although I’ve steered away from Snapchat a lot. Not a big fan of the update. I’m mostly active on Twitter! I tweet a lot and often.

Photos supplied by Lindsey Pelas


10 What is your favourite social media platform?

Definitely Twitter!

11 Can you please tell us what your lifestyle podcast, “Eyes Up Here with Lindsey Pelas” is all about?

Sure! I started a podcast to discuss life, pop culture and what it’s really like to be a southern girl living in LA. I really wanted to do something for my followers to get to know me better. I’ve got amazing special guests lined up and so many fun topics to cover! I can’t wait to see where it goes.

12 What’s your inspiration for this new venture?

Honestly, people always told me I needed one! When I was a guest on other shows the hosts always said I had a knack for it and should start my own. I love the idea that I can relate to people on a more personal, mindful level.

13 How do you feel about paving the way and creating new jobs, for millennials?

I definitely feel a sense of pressure when it comes to creating jobs and millennials. The internet is such a new and fast-paced way of life for humans and I’m nervous, but excited to see how quickly our lives and sense of “traditional” careers change.

14 Do you have a specific inspiration that keeps you going in your career?

My inspiration truly comes from within. I was always a dreamer and even voted “Most Ambitious” in high school, haha! I love learning from others, but I want just to be the best Lindsey I can be.

15 What has been the most valuable lesson you’ve learned. This can be about the industry or about yourself.

That’s a hard one! I’m always learning, and I take so much pride in paying attention to life lessons. I’ve learned the value of in paying attention to life lessons. I’ve learned the value of perseverance, the power of kindness and that honesty gets you everywhere in life.

Photos supplied by Lindsey Pelas


16 Is your family supportive of your career?

My family is supportive of my career. As long as I’m healthy and happy, they’re fine with whatever I’m doing, haha!

17 What are your future plans? Inside your career or out of it.

I have so many plans! Firstly, I want my new podcast to be a success. I’ve also got some campaigns and magazine covers on my wishlist! I’d love to build my brand enough to eventually be a household name. Actress, model, glamour girl and businesswoman.


1 What is the one beauty product you can’t live without? Neutrogena Ultra Gentle daily cleanser

2 What is the most dramatic thing you’ve ever done to change your looks? I’ll probably share that one day on the podcast haha.

3 What is in your makeup bag when you travel? The basics! Primer, concealer, foundation and mascara

4 What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself I’m keeping this one a secret.

5 Your best guilty pleasure… Oreos and Real Housewives.

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