9 Killer Tips And Tricks That Are Guaranteed To Make Your Blog Stand Out


Blogging is a journey, which the writer intends to share with its readers, and include them through the process to make it more interesting and appealing. However, writing blogs is no easy nut to crack, it requires following certain principles which can help in connecting with your audience and sail through the journey smoothly. Below are a few keys to writing an attractive and shareable blog post.

1) The secret to writing an impressive blog doesn’t lie in the complicated usage of words and showcasing of your excellent vocabulary skill. Instead, people love reading write-ups that are simple and easy to follow.

2) Include your audience in your writing by addressing them as ‘you.’

3) Create write-ups that provide knowledge to your readers and keep them updated about the happenings around.

4) Incorporate details about the topic in your blogs to build user interest and gain better visibility.

5) Focus on creating impressive titles to make the reader interested in your write-ups.

6) Allow your readers to post comments and share their opinion on the blog. This will help strike up a conversation and let you know the areas that need improvement.

7) Include facts and figures in your blogs to build authenticity and trust among the audience.

8) Demonstrate your mastery without going over the top and to make an impression and achieve an appreciation from readers.

9) Exhibit concern for your readers by helping them out with the written content. Additionally, be vigilant and address all apprehension and reservations of readers to showcase that you care about them.

How to write a compelling blog post

1) Garner your attention towards the theme- A blogger’s main work lays in developing relevant content for its audience. If the blog doesn’t hold proper subject matter, it won’t stand as relevant in the eyes of the reader. The creative skills of the writer will help in acknowledging what topics to choose. However, if the writer lacks creative skills, then that person needs to look for content that is being showcased by its competitors on their websites and social media sites. This will help in acknowledging what’s in demand. Moreover, you can visit Tweetmeme and find relevant themes based on industry, and check out what has been holding relevance for the past 24 hours and the last week. The blogger can also seek help from Google trends along with Google News, to check what is relevant in the industry and focus their content based on the theme.

2) Be Steady in your approach- In order to have a uniform reader base, it is vital to update your blog page on a regular basis. The power of being consistent is unmatchable and can fetch a lot of attention and appreciation. Moreover, if you act casual and the time lapse between your blogs turns out to be huge, then it may decrease your traffic and your credibility as a writer.

3)Standardize your blog timing- The moment you become a regular blogger, it is important to begin scheduling the blog posts. Check on various marketing analysts to track the best time for publishing of blogs and fix your timing to make your blogs public. Like Hubspot’s analysis reveals that the first working day of the week, i.e. Monday and fourth working day, i.e. Thursday, attract significant reader attention.

4) Space your social interactions- According to a survey conducted by Kissmetrics, the highest concentration of people using the social web belonged to Eastern Standard Time. This means that the bloggers need to time their social interactions along with tweets and Facebook posts in the specified time zone, to match up with the visitor timing.

5) Schedule your emails- Writing a blog is essential, but sending an alert after it is posted stands equal relevance. It is vital to accumulate email address of people reading your blogs using Aweber or Feedburner to keep the reader informed about latest blogs.

6)Gather opinion- Making your readers understand what holds importance to them, will garner more support than producing content which you feel is essential. Therefore, include surveys and let your reader speak about their choices and the kind of material they are looking to have on your blog page.

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