How To Run An Effective Instagram Ad Campaign That’s Well Within Your Budget


Advertising on the social media is gaining popularity day by day. People spend money on advertising on Facebook, Instagram and so on. Though advertising can at times become a bit expensive, in this post we will give an insight into how to advertise on Instagram in the most cost-effective way.

Before you start using Instagram for advertisement, it would be better to understand the users of this social media platform. Like other social media platforms, it has its own set of preferred age group and gender.

 Instagram is mostly used by women.

 It is more popular among people less than 50 years old.

Now that you know the demographics it would be wise to understand the major factors that influence advertising in this media platform. Few things that would affect your advertisement budget are the target handheld device, the target audience and the weekday you plan to launch your ad. Obviously, holidays and other major event days would be costlier as compared to regular days.

Once the demographics and budgeting factors are cleared we can concentrate on the actual steps of creating an Instagram ad. Following are the steps to create a cost-efficient and effective advertisement on Instagram:

• Define your objective

Instagram ads are created through the Facebook ad manager. The first step would be to choose an objective of advertising. There will be many options provided and you would have to pick one. Some examples of the goals given are Brand awareness, Engagement, Lead generation and conversions and so on. It is essential to choose the objective carefully because it might become one reason for Instagram to reject your ad. Choose an objective that matches with what Instagram supports and which can also be tracked through it.

• Name the campaign

Follow an easy to remember naming convention while naming an ad campaign. It helps to include the audience country, network and other such things in the name. Once an audience for the campaign is selected you can use it for later ad campaigns too. All this would certainly help you save some time and effort.

• Placing the ad

You can get your ads placed for specific social media and even device types. Though the ad manager recommends using the automatic ad placement option it is always wise to select the edit placement option. This way you can keep a track of the specific ad. You can edit options like which social media the ad should appear for, how it should be placed, for which mobile device and so on. You can even choose the ad to not show during awkward times. All these options help you to optimize on your ad in case you want to make some changes.

• Define your target audience

This is perhaps the most critical step. The ad manager helps you specify the audience depending upon location, age, gender, purchasing habits and so on. These specifications help you narrow down your target audience. This is helpful as you would want to reach the targeted people as fast as you can and not waste time in targeting a broad range of people who would not be interested in your product or service.

• Budget and timeline

Next would be selecting the budget for the ad and the timeline. There are various standard and advanced options and you can choose according to your business requirements. If you are new to advertisement on Instagram then use the automatic bidding option. For the budget, you can select some amount to be spent on a daily basis as against a lifetime budget limit. The timeline of the ad would again depend upon your ad goals. If your ad is centered on an event then setting a start and end date would be recommended. But if it is just a regular type of ad, then you can set the ad to run continuously.

• Advertisement format

There are various ad formats available and you can choose the one that suits your particular product or service. Some formats given are a single image, single video, slideshow and so on.

Once you have seen the whole advertisement creation process here are a couple of tips to make ads that stick to your marketing budget. If you are new to social media advertisement, then choose multiple images or a video format. Secondly, always go for automatic bidding. By using these two techniques, you will be able to create effective Instagram advertisement campaigns within your budgeting limits.

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