3 Simple Words That Could Make Or Break A Relationship


Relationships are fragile that’s why you need to learn how to use the power of words the right way because the power of words can make or break your relationship.

There are actions that could make or break your relationship same as there are words that when used and said during your relationship can make or break it. But just like actions, it depends on your motives or depends on what you meant by those words.

The following are the three word that could make or break a relationship. These three words may be simple, but when the loved one says any of these words, it could mean the world to you. Read on so that you’ll know what to avoid and what to do.

1. “but”

According to F. Scott Fitzgerald, “the ability to hold two opposite ideas in mind at the same time and still retain the ability to function is the sign of first-rate intelligence and first-rate love.”

Do not think that the word ”sorry” is the word that can make a difference in your relationship. “But” is what separates and at the same time holds together in one thought two opposite ideas, our partner’s fault from their brilliance.

The word “but” was explored by psychologists Sandra Murray and John Holmes in 1990s. They noted that word which was used by happy and unhappy couples. According to the psychologists, a successful and happy couple tend to act and not say the “but” word. For example, the woman knows her beau is lazy “but” they both laugh about it. The use of the “but” word depends on how couples will act on it as noted by the psychologists.

2. “propinquity”

Propinquity “is a word used by social psychologists to refer to the likelihood of interaction between two people; it is kinship.” According to psychologists, when you have a high propinquity with your loved one, it means you are most likely interact well with him/her. If you have low propinquity, it means same interests does not work with the both of you. It does matter in a relationship as it determines if you and your loved one will end up together or not.

3. “I’ve got your back”

Warning: you need to spit out these words if and only if you really mean it. This third word is not just one word, it is a sentence that gives assurance to your loved one. It is the best word to say to a woman as it gives the idea to your partner that you are very supportive of him/her and this set of words are very heartwarming. These are not just set of words but it needs affirmation through your action. You need to honor what you said. When you achieve it it can definitely keep your bond with your partner stronger. However, if you said these words and failed to show it, it will definitely break the relationship you tried to work on.

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