5 Good Reasons Why Eating Together Is A Lot Healthier For Families


In our fast-paced world, families now have lesser and lesser opportunities to bond and spend time with each other. Even when they are all in the same room, they couldn’t be farther from one another because of all the gadgets they are all so immersed with.

Though having breakfast or dinner together may not seem like such a big deal, eating together is important and can do more good to your relationship with your family than you know. So, here are some reasons why you need to eat together with your family:

1.  Better communication

Do you feel like you can no longer understand your children? Does it seem like the more you try to reach out to them the more distant they become? If you answered yes to both questions, then it must be time to mend your bond with your kids. No need to set up some elaborate scheme to get your kids to talk. Simply prepare a sumptuous meal for them and ask how their day was. Though they may not open up to you immediately, your kids will feel closer to you because you bothered to ask about their day.

The key to this is consistency. With everything changing in their lives, children need something consistent, and that is what family is for.

2.    Keep tabs on each other.

As much as we want to, children, these have so many things going from school and their peers. And as parents, we find it necessary to find what keeps them busy and be ensured that they’re safe and well.

Supper is the perfect time to quiz them about the hassle and bustle of their daily routine. You can also share to them about the things that keep you preoccupied so they exactly what happening to you as well.

3.  Some family time

You cannot always take a vacation or go camping with your family. However, you do not need to go very far to spend some quality time with your most favorite people in the world. Prepare something new on the table or make them their favorite dish, and then maybe watch a movie in your living room after.

4.  Best time to make announcements

Whether it is a good or not-so-good news to break to your family, the dinner table gives you the opportunity to lay down some stuff which your family needs to know. You do not have to talk to them one by one, and you would be able to get their general reaction immediately, which gives you the chance to make clarifications or make amends in case the news isn’t faring so well with the rest of them.

5.  Make them feel loved

Eating with your family makes them feel that you are not too busy to share a meal with them. No matter how busy you are at work, or how much you need to do overtime, you should, at least, spend one meal every day with your loved ones.

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