Meet StarCentral Magazine’s Instagram Model Of The Month: Diana Ladaniak


More than just a pretty face and enviable body, modeling also requires an intelligent mind, a free spirit, and a passionate heart. Ukranian Diana Ladaniak embodies the complete package of a true model which has earned her the crown of being our Instagram model for the month.

21 years old, Diana has a bachelor’s degree in International Business. A total stunner with brains, she is your ideal girl next door whose beauty far runs down deep. She loves reading and leadership is one of her key passions. She takes joy in volunteer works and community involvements. She also likes listening to music and dancing. She calls dancing the most efficient way of getting to know other people. Plus, she’s your well-rounded beauty as aside from dancing and singing she enjoys sports of different kinds – from walking, exercising, running, bicycling, swimming, skiing, and tennis.


Diana got a shot out of her modeling career when she received a message from StarCentral who told her that out of dozens of submissions and choices; she was chosen as the best swimsuit model of the month. Opportunities then began knocking at her door.

As someone who likes traveling a lot, Diana is finding her career in modeling a wonderful advantage for her to travel to places and meet so many different people. The best thing about her job is that she is “not stuck at a desk”, she said. Plus, she gets to join interesting events and widen her creativity while being part of the changing trend and fashion world. On the other hand, Diana isn’t oblivious to the fact that modeling has downsides too. She must face constant criticisms which are often utterly unnecessary and admitted that somehow those criticisms affect her self-esteem. Her job also involves long hours, lots of standing and having to pose in front of a camera sometimes under demanding and stressful conditions. Despite all of these, the hardworking gorgeous talent has remained optimistic and committed to looking at her best at all times.

Having her fair share of experience meeting different people because of her modeling career, Diana has an impressive ability to make connections driven by her passionate heart. She believes that every person has a unique story to share, and these stories are something she can learn from and inspire her to be the best person she can, as well as remind her to be always grateful for the life given to her. As for the most inspiring person she met, she said no one can replace her grandmother named Galyna. She said her grandma’s kindness has taught her a lot, particularly of being respectful to others and to shun self-centeredness.


Diana is also thankful for her mom whom she is very close with. Calling her mom as her best friend, she takes credit for her mother who has been very supportive of her modeling career. And, it’s no wonder where this young girl gets her courage and brevity, as her mom had always encouraged her “to stand up for what she believes in – no matter the circumstances”.

Diana with an ambitious yet down to earth personality definitely has a bright horizon awaiting for her. Right now, she is taking advantage of her career and travels as much as she can to improve her knowledge. She hopes to work in the tourism sector in the future.


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