Meet StarCentral Magazine’s Swimsuit Model Of The Month: Valentina Yazykova


Photo supplied by Valentina Yazykova

Valentina Yazykova is a 28-year old model who hails from Russia where she was born. She has two brothers, Arthur and Evgenii Yazykovy and she studied Masters in European Studies. Valentina currently juggles her time between Oslo, Norway and New Orleans, USA, where she is now based. Her favourite downtime activities include hot yoga, running, travelling and just recently she also started learning how to surf. Other than flaunting her gorgeous body in the modelling runways, the sexy Valentina also has a talent for acting.

Valentina saw her opportunity in the world of modelling when she participated in the Top Model Worldwide in London around six years ago. She submitted her application online and underwent a Skype audition. With an international pageant competition experience in her portfolio, she is now finding it easier to land more opportunities in the modelling industry.


Photo supplied by Valentina Yazykova

Valentina loves travelling so much, and she said that one thing she loves about her modelling career is that she can meet different people from around the world and get to discover their unique cultures. Modelling has also kept her motivated in striving for excellence and being creative in all aspects. As a healthy lifestyle enthusiast, Valentina is saddened to talk about the downsides of modelling involving models using drugs to lose weight and to keep them awake for long hours of photo shoots and modelling events. She emphasized that these drugs can only do more damage and following a healthy lifestyle instead, is the key to a successful modelling career.

Having been in the modelling business now for years, Valentina’s most memorable experience in her career so far, was during the World Supermodel Production last year. As part of the competition, Valentina and the rest of the models had to do a catwalk on the Macau Tower. “Well, just imagine doing a catwalk on a tower that’s 338 meters high! It truly was an unforgettable experience.”

Valentina has had great experiences meeting different people from all over the world as she participates in international pageant competitions. But the most interesting person she met was her fiancé. Yes, sorry guys, but the gorgeous Valentina is already engaged. She met her fiancé who is from the US through a modelling competition in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. She affectionately refers to her fiancé as a walking encyclopedia who can answer all her questions and with whom she can talk about just anything. 5 years after knowing each other they got engaged last October in Laguna Beach, California.


Photo supplied by Valentina Yazykova

Valentina credits her family for being supportive to her career. Despite working in the industry where greater emphasis is placed on the outside appearance of a person, the Norwegian beauty has managed to stay grounded. Valentina believes that good communication, professionalism and having an open mind to accept people no matter what they are, are the keys towards earning success in modelling.

Valentina is currently focused on her fitness modelling career. She has recently started working as an independent consultant in International Franchise Development for HOTWORX Franchise. And, the sexy model absolutely loves the brand and looks forward to the brand’s international recognition.


Photo supplied by Valentina Yazykova

5 questions for the ‘LIGHTNING FAST’ Round:

1. Last good movie I’ve seen: Red Sparrow

2. What do you consider beautiful and why? Being beautiful inside is what I consider to be beautiful. Once you have inner beauty, that is one thing that will never change.

3. What haven’t you done yet that you wish you could? I know it requires a good preparation and training but I wish to climb Everest one day.

4. Complete this sentence: “If I had no fear, I’d…” travel around the world visiting and exploring places full of adventures.

5. What is the one “flaw” you wouldn’t change about yourself? My Russian accent.

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