Event Review: The Verdict On S.A.S.H.E.D VIP Launch 2.0


Photos courtesy of Eric Fonacier

Athleisure has never commanded a fierce presence as much as S.A.S.H.E.D the Label at their launch party on the 24th June, held at the Lumiere Residence. As I stepped into the kaleidoscope-esque elevator entrance and landed at the fabulous dim-lit venue, I could not help but wonder, how “sashed” and fierce everyone looked.

S.A.S.H.E.D, at its core, is the apparel embodiment of empowerment. The label has pulled elements of streetwear, athleisure and dancewear and cultivated them into a stylish yet practical clothing line. With a versatile range of leotards, cropped hoodies, bralettes and Spandex, it is a brand that caters to the rigorous lifestyle and enduring athleticism of a dancer, powerlifter or anyone who is fitness oriented. After all, the director/founder of the label, Sasha Lian is a dancer—a profession that requires a lot of endurance and resilience to perform to the best of their ability.


Edgy, modern and daring, S.A.S.H.E.D exudes an aura of the determined hustler who is willing to do anything it takes to turn their desires into a reality. In fact, the label literally spells out their mantra; Soon, All, Shall, Have, Empowered, Desires— a positive reinforcement of their way of being.

Another exciting aspect of the brand is the emblem. Each article of clothing is marked by the emblem and it is respectively referred to the Duroir— an aesthetical blend of two Celtic symbols; the St John’s Wort (Oir) symbolising enlightenment and the Duir symbolising the strength to overcome any obstacle.


By around 7:30pm, the marvellous event commenced with Sasha greeting everyone and welcoming them to the much-anticipated launch party. As the patrons slowly poured in, they were greeted with decadent hors-d’oeuvres of dumplings and vegetarian spring rolls and hugs from the woman of the hour, Sasha herself.

With her fire engine red jacket and her fierce SASHED outfit, along with her exuberant presence, it was easy to spot her from a mile away. She had the limelight captured in her hands and smiling ever so enthusiastically. She graciously thanked everyone that came to her VIP party especially, giving a shout out to StarCentral Magazine and her dearest loved ones and friends. There was a mini fashion show showcasing the latest apparel, complete with contemporary dance and mind-boggling backflips that shook them to their core. Leotards and gym wear have never looked so flexible and stunning. The crowd was cheering with glee at the meticulous choreography, simultaneously cheering on Sasha’s dedication to her clothing line and her event as well.


In the midst of patrons were bopping to the rhythms and beats of 90’s- early 2000’s R’N’B classics and the enthusiastic chatter, a dance party lead by Sasha followed her every move and by the end of it, everyone was freestyling and having fun without a worry in the world. It was an excellent bonding experience and sound of laughter and joy at that moment was astounding.

Congratulations to Sasha Lian on her successful launch of Sashed and we hope you continued with ongoing success with your clothing label.


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