Rising Star Spotlight: Make Way For The Hunky Andrew Vlahos

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Andrew Vlahos’ public profile is that of a successful fitness model, dancer and blogger. He is also a qualified accountant who hails from Sydney, Australia. Andrew has had a surprising career trajectory that began almost by accident, as a ‘stand-in’ for a shoot. Since then, this ‘Mister Australia’ has featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show, has been a backup dancer for the likes of Ricki lee Coulter and Havana Brown, and has modeled for a vast number of high profile brands.

StarCentral sits down with Andrew to find out what life is typically like for this model (who is also an accountant), what motivates him career-wise, and what he would like to see in his future.

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How do you see yourself?

“I’m Andrew Vlahos, Sydney boy from Australia with Greek heritage. Honestly, there isn’t too much to me – I am 24 years old and an accountant. I work full time and enjoy being a fitness model and Instagram blogger. For me, it’s the best of both worlds.”

How were you ‘discovered’?

“It all began for me in 2011, after I graduated high school. My mate couldn’t make it for a shoot he had booked, and consulted the photographer about me taking his place. I had honestly never done modelling properly, and for me it was a chance to learn and try my luck. It manifested into what I am today, and I wouldn’t have ever seen this coming.”

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What sort of projects have you worked on?

“I’ve done some amazing projects, both internationally and domestically. Just this year alone I was appointed ‘Mister Australia’ for the ‘Mr International’ competition, where I was up against the world’s best in Miami. It was one of my most cherished moments to date. Going back to 2012, I was on the Ellen Degeneres Show – when it came to Australia – and was lucky enough to be on TV around the world. I’ve modeled for high end brands and danced as a backup dancer for Ricki lee Coulter and Havana Brown.”

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What do you like most about modeling?

“It gives me the opportunity to be who I want for that specific shoot and fill the brief. I can be anything or anyone in that moment. I channel the ‘feel of the shoot’ and really make it a moment that can’t be replicated. Once I have this mindset, I am able to create moments – rather than ‘just shots’.”

Downside to being a model?

“Definitely the pressure, it’s a big thing to stay constantly ‘shredded’, or look my best all year round. Ultimately, I am human – I have my good days and my bad. It’s a mental strain to constantly look my best. But having said that, to feel pressure – it is a privilege. Not many have the ability to influence a demographic or city, and I have that ability. So, i’m blessed.”

What are your plans for the future?

“My future plan is to be a top accountant – to build a reputable name in the corporate world. In terms of blogging and modelling – it is to grow my social media following and keep maintain my commitment to being a positive role model to other young gentlemen out there. Ideally, I want to leave an indelible mark on the world – something to last the test of time.”

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