16 Killer Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to WordPress


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WordPress is a top choice for people who are looking to create blogs or websites. With all of the options out there, you may be wondering just why you should switch to WordPress for your business’ online needs. This will give you some of the top reasons why this switch could be the best decision you make.

1. Free

Starting out, you may not have a ton of money to spend so the fact WordPress is free makes a huge difference. If you become more successful and can invest into the more advanced features that WordPress has, you can upgrade whenever you want.

2. Easy to Use

As soon as you install WordPress, you can use it. It is a much easier process than with other content management systems and you get a lot of power as soon as its installed.

3. Flexibility

This is easily one of the most flexible site building options that you can choose. It can be used as an e-commerce site or as a blog. Whatever you need, you can use WordPress for it.

4. Friendly for Search Engines

Search engines do prefer websites that are powered by WordPress, so they get better rankings.

5. Safety and Security

WordPress takes the safety and security of their users so seriously that it is among their top priorities. They regularly update their software to prevent attacks.

6. Customizable

There are so many different plugins and themes that WordPress offers users that you can create a website that is as individual as your business is.

7. Customer Support

WordPress has an excellent reputation for having some of the best customer support. Anytime you have a problem, they will quickly get back to you.

8. Multimedia Hosting

You can very easily put multimedia on your website. It also allows you to easily edit any multimedia.

9. Mobile Friendly

People use mobile technology much more frequently now, which is why it is so important that you have a mobile-friendly site. WordPress makes this easier for me.

10. Integration

WordPress integrates with some other very popular and powerful platforms, such as MailChimp, for any need that you may have for your site.

11. Management Made Easier

You are notified anytime there are updates available so that you have one less thing to worry about when you are managing your site.

12. Not Just for Blogging

WordPress may be known for being a blogging service, but it is so much more than that. You can use WordPress for a business website.

13. E-commerce

There are a variety of different e-commerce solutions that you can use with your WordPress site, such as plugins like WooCommerce.

14. Different Hosting Options

With WordPress, you can use different hosting solutions depending on your needs. Some platforms are faster than others, so keep that in mind.

15. Always Fresh Looking

Themes are continually being updated so you can get a fresh new look whenever you want it.

You can write posts whenever and have them posted precisely when you want them.

These are just some of the best reasons why your business needs to switch to WordPress.

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