6 Smart And Simple Ways To Motivate Yourself


Psychology says that it takes 21 days to form a habit or adopt a new behaviour and vice versa. So when you are willing to change yourself to learn the art and wisdom of self-motivation; you should be willing to give yourself twenty-one days at least to notice the change. It will not happen overnight.

Self-motivation is a learned behaviour. You must be willing to make specific mandatory changes to explore this drive within you. Here is a quick overview of all the changes that you need to work on if you want to become self-motivated in the long run.

1. Make things simpler and easier

Some people have the tendency to make everything complex in life. The first rule for self-motivation is to make sure things are kept as simple and easily laid out as possible. This practice is quite achievable as you can avoid getting overwhelmed and achieve tasks with precision.

2. Get onto the bandwagon of learning

You need to become part of a continual learning process. In order to grow as a person, you need to keep learning throughout your life. Continuous learning is essential, as once you enter a professional life everything would be under control.

3. Positivity should be your mantra in life

Positivity is the only key to success. It helps you to keep a clear head and see the good in the bad which keeps you encouraged on a much higher level. Being positive is the key, as once you feel confident in yourself, you’ll be able to achieve greatness.

4. Think constructively

Your thoughts should be constructive. Never sit around thinking about other people. Instead, think only about how you can improve and get better in all fields of life. Understand perspectives.

5. Act more than you think

Over-thinkers can hardly ever be self-motivated. Overthinking kills encouragement and only tends to make you bring out the darker sides of life. You need to be more practical than pensive.

6. Empathize with others

Helping other people grow along with you is not only a change you need to make for self-motivation but also to become a better person in life. You need to lift others and help them do well in life too.

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