Event Review: The Australian Millionaire Magazine Launch

Wealth Management is a hidden art. Not a lot of people know about it and practice what they preach. That was all about to change on the 21st July, where Star Central’s Managing Director, Mike Ilagan launched the Australian Millionaire Magazine at the Hilton Sydney. Partnered by the Property Investment Alliance, it was an ambitious mission that was brewing within.

It was an early start to the day. At 11 am, the Hilton opened its door to a curious yet excited crowd that was eager to learn about the secrets in obtaining financial freedom. People from all walks of life gathered on the day, from beauty queens, photographers, students to property managers, as well as businessmen.

By 11:30 pm, the crowd poured through the door and took their seats at the event centre. It began with the official rolling of the current magazine cover starring the inspiring Justin Wang, the CEO of The Property Investors Alliance. A polite round of applause filled up the room as both Mike and Justin stood on the podium, beaming with pride of their accomplishment.

The Australian Millionaire Magazine dedicates itself to the common folk who wants to become a millionaire. Money is often demonised and shrouded by secrecy, this magazine sets out to debunk that reputation. An array of articles inhabits within the glossy pages, ranging from wealth building, property and passive income all for the sole purpose of strengthening a person’s net worth.

Mike was first to address the issue of job satisfaction and job stability. He tackled the notion that nowadays, the typical 9-5 job is somewhat redundant due to the unpredictable job market. However, if you are able to invest your money in property or a business you will be able to chase what matters, instead of slaving away in a passionless job.
Mike begged the questions if the lack of money is what drove us to not live our lives to the fullest potential, then what can we do to help maximise your net worth?

That is where PIA steps in. Justin Wang introduced their mission of enabling financial freedom to the rest of the room. As a property magnate himself, he was excited to share that the secret of becoming a rich is investing in Sydney’s residential property. Buy as soon as possible, buy as many as possible, and never sell.

It is a long-term investment strategy that involves borrowing loan from the bank and putting a down payment on a Sydney residential property and cashing out its inflated equity. Mind-blowing! Although it is much more complex than just borrowing money, it is advised to talk with a PIA consultant on your personal financial journey.

Other speakers at the event such as Vicky Yen Chew, and Daisy Cummings, all told interesting stories on their financial journey and was met with an outstanding applause from the audience.

After a truly inspiring awakening on wealth management, an extravagant banquet with ouer d’oeuvres, Mediterranean salads, and pesto and roast vegetables greeted the guests with their aroma.

If you want to start your financial journey, the Australian Millionaire Magazine is worth checking out. Grab your copy today!

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