Brace Yourself, Australia: Miss Russia Australia Is Set To Hit Sydney In 2 Weeks!


Miss Russia Australia is a unique cultural beauty pageant, there’s no age or height requirement, and its primary focus is to introduce Russian culture and the cultural diversity of Russia in Australia. Red Carpet Ball Entertainment’s beauty pageant opens unlimited opportunities for all Russian speaking woman age 18. They teach them modelling, catwalk, posing, basic acting, fitness, inspirational training, and also gives them an opportunity to make a difference in the Russian Australian community through participating in charity and volunteer work during preparation and, for the winner, during her time as title holder.

They endeavour to help all women feel beautiful, confident, and powerful, to be a role model for the Russian Community and to learn more about modelling and fashion.

When: Saturday, 8th September 2018

Where: Stamford Plaza, Sydney Airport

How to get tickets: Click on this link to buy tickets to the event

Miss Russia A 0182_2016

Photo Credit: Ray Bartholomeusz Photography

About: Red Carpet Ball Entertainment

Red Carpet Ball Entertainment Ltd Event Organising Company is dedicated to entertaining people in a formal and eloquent setting, while also dedicated to organizing fundraising events to help support local and national charities.

They proudly support Red Cross NZ through exclusive Red Cross fundraising events and by raising monies at their Red Carpet Ball events. Red Carpet Ball has a number annual projects, including Red Carpet Fashion Ball, the New Year Masquerade Ball, Miss Russia NZ, Miss National NZ, Miss Russia AU, Miss National AU, Miss Russia World Wide, and Miss National Wold Wide.

Their events are occasions of beauty, fashion, culture and history. Providing a memorable and unbelievable experience for their guests.


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