A Must-Attend Event This Friday, September 14: Self Appreciation Day


Actor and director Prema Smith is running a National campaign called Self Appreciation Day, with the support of Black Dog Institute. This is a day for the Nation to liberate their individual qualities and appreciate the finer parts of who they are.

Self Appreciation Day will commence on 14th September 2018, proudly supported by mental health institute Black Dog. Former Balmain Tigers player Wayne Wigham has also teamed up to promote the campaign, as the Self Appreciation Day executive for mental health.

Prema Smith is the CEO and founder of Self Appreciation Day who aims for the day to implement infectious self-love and self-appreciation across Australia and gradually the rest of the globe.

“Self Appreciation Day is a day for the nation to liberate their own individual qualities and really appreciate finer parts of who we are. It’s one day to celebrate, but every day of your life to liberate,” said Prema Smith.

Former Balmain Tigers player Wayne Wigham has decided to come on board to support Self Appreciation Day and what it stands for.

“Prema’s Self Appreciation Day gets us to concentrate on the good about us and not just thinking about what we may deem as our failures,” said Wayne Wigham.

“Resilience and mindfulness instead of thinking about all the failures…it’s more thinking about what we do have. Prema’s Campaign to me is really about highlighting that.”

“One out of five people in Australia suffer depression, 64% of those people won’t seek help. If we get some of those 64% to happen to get on Prema’s website, and then they see a link and they look at it and say ‘I am feeling a bit like this’, and we normalise it, and we get them to head onto the Black Dog website on how to seek help… we may be a part of getting more people to seek help.”

What inspired and motivated Prema Smith to start Self Appreciation Day was a visit to the doctor. His doctor shared with Prema that he fought in the war. The confronting events that he saw while fighting has left the doctor unable to see what he appreciates about himself.

The passing of two people close to Prema, his best friend and father earlier this year has also inspired and motivated the reason why Prema started the campaign.

Prema hopes for Self Appreciation Day to reach 195 countries in 25 years. You can watch the 2018 Self Appreciation Day Campaign Video below:

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