4 Ways To Boost Engagement With YouTube Video Ads


If you use YouTube, there are a number of ways you can use the ads to get more engagement with your videos. Millions of people watch these videos each day, but they also have options to avoid content they don’t want. You need to create a video that wants to see, even if it has advertising. Here’s how you hook them into your video ad.

The Brand

Try to integrate your brand based upon your objective. For example, you might use your packaging to attract viewers. If you use too much branding, you may drive views away so try to integrate it as best you can, just don’t go overboard with it. The way you use the brand should feel natural in the advertisement that you create. You can use the actual brand in place of a logo as this feels less like a sales pitch. You should also have good audio to go together with your video to attract consumers.

Attract Them

You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of the viewer. One way to do this is to have an opening that’s unexpected. You can capitalize on a trend here or have something funny. You should use people in the first frames or even celebrities if you can manage it. Have a celebrity talk about their favorite food, for example. Close shots, as well as cropped shots, can also work. If you use any thumbnails, make sure these are clear. The titles you use should also be clear and get the viewer to want to click on them. Try to have playlists to connect the videos so if a person watches one video; they can find related videos in your playlist.


Decide how you want to direct the attention of the consumer once your advertisement is over. You want the consumer to act after they have viewed your ad. There should be a call to action in the ad, especially if you want to make sales. You want to get downloads and clicks at the end of the video or direct them someplace else for more information.


Use tools like YouTube analytics so you can see your view-through rates and where it may be dropping. You might decide to tell a different story or do some different editing with your video to get viewers back to your ad. Thinks about your editing strategy as you make videos. You need to hook the viewer, so they stay on the ad. Humor is an excellent way to connect with viewers so try to incorporate this if you can. Another thing you should do is to try and create an emotional connection with the view but have it, so the connection isn’t a contrived one. There should be a story that goes beyond the brand message in the ad.


These are some of the ways you can get more engagement with your video ads. Try the methods, and you should see better results with YouTube advertising.

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