Rising Star Spotlight: Introducing Nina Robertson


Nina Robertson is a 21-year-old Australian beauty queen who is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science from Melbourne University. She is very interested in conservation efforts to protect the planet. Nina is an approachable and energetic young woman, and we know you all will appreciate her as much as we have.

Nina likes entering beauty pageants because she loves meeting new people who are making conservation efforts. She likes listening to others’ stories and takes great pride in advancing herself physically and mentally to be the best she can be. She enjoyed the work of Miss Earth Australia because it is an opportunity to become a role model and help advocate for causes to better Mother Earth.


She remains grounded in pursuing her cause with the help of her friends and family. She has also been inspired by her experiences of the poor and disadvantaged in her journeys and is grateful for their advocacy efforts even as they have other pressing concerns in their lives. Her favorite group in the world is the organization “The PlasticSolutionsPH,” which is a group dedicated to turning plastic waste into art. She is hoping to bring something similar to Australia. For Nina, finding meaning is an essential aspect of life. The people she has met and the advocacy work she undertakes have helped her find fulfillment.

Her sense of beauty gives an inclusive sense of the conservation goals she is working towards. She even said, “I think individuals who are embracing their uniqueness, both physically and spiritually, is a beautiful thing. We’ve become so concerned with looking and being a certain way because a majority of people have classified that as “in”… but I love it when we take things that are usually unloved and own it with confidence making it all the more beautiful and unique.” Nina represents all people well by having an inclusive image of beauty. Her attitude is contagious, and her hopeful disposition is a light for all of us as we come to terms with the significant challenges of global climate change.


Finally, we want to close this article with some fun facts about Nina; Nina won the title Ms. Earth International Air at the Miss Earth finals held in Manila in 2017, her biggest fear is getting nitrogen poisoning or being attacked by a shark while scuba diving, and she wants to travel to all 195 countries on Earth. We hope you have enjoyed this opportunity to get to know Nina Robertson a little bit more because the pleasure was certainly all ours.

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