6 Basic Makeup Tips Every Model Needs To Know Before A Casting Call


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If you are new to the scene or maybe you feel as if you have not mastered the perfect look for a big casting, then this article is for you. Technically this article can be for everyone because what we are about to share with you can be used for anything you do or anywhere you go. Now before we bore you with our chit-chat, let’s get moving; let’s talk about what we are really here for.

Tip One: Less is More

Your mother must have said it to you a billion times, but we are going to say it again. While we want to appear alive and not like we just rolled out of bed and nearly made it on time for our casting, it is important to appear natural for casting directors to see your true beauty.

Tip Two: Make those lashes POP

As you apply two coats of your favourite mascara, the best trick to make your lashes pop is to add black eyeliner inside the tear duct area. This creates an illusion of fuller lashes, which will make your eyes stand out in the best way.

Tip Three: Don’t Instagram your eyebrows

Now remember, we are still trying to look as natural as can be even though we are wearing makeup. If you find your eyebrows needing some love, apply just a little bit of eyeshadow or your favourite eyebrow pencil. Sometimes even adding a brow gel will darken your eyebrows up and make them look fuller. However, don’t overdo it. If they think you have these amazing eyebrows, they will always expect you to have them.

Tip Four: Grab some BB cream

While foundation can sometimes look cakey or just noticeable, go in for a BB Cream for great coverage but a flawless finish. It should look like you are not wearing anything at all. And, if BB cream is not your thing, then don’t wear anything at all. Let your natural beauty shine out to wow those directors.

Tip Five: Show your cheeks some love

Blush is always a must; they can instantly amp up your look in just one swipe from the brush. So don’t be afraid to go in with some natural shade colours of blush to bring a little focus to those cheeks.

Tip Six: No Lipstick needed

While lipstick can make a big difference and even sometimes make our lips appear bigger, we want to seem as natural as possible. Besides, most people think we are wearing too much makeup if we even apply lipstick in the first place. Go for a sheer gloss or even just a lip balm to keep your lips smooth and fresh as you wait.

With less time in the morning, now you can focus on what really matters which is getting on time and making sure you have practiced enough. With that being said, good luck!

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