Rising Star Spotlight: Introducing Miss Continents 2018 Brooke Murray


Let’s get to know Brooke Murray, a 21-year-old model from Sydney who was recently crowned Miss Continents for the year 2018. She is a dancer who works with the NBL and the NRL and she is currently pursuing a Bachelors degree in Health Science (Sports and Exercise Science). She also teaches performing arts to students from the ages of 2 to 22.

She got into the pageantry industry after a sickening bout with depression and anxiety. She was looking to try out something new to help her connect with her community and also to help people. While she was on Facebook a few years ago, she saw a small pageant that was happening on a particular weekend, and since she was free, she decided to try it out. The rest, as they say, is history.


Every week Brooke is afforded the opportunity to speak to people from different walks of life – be it people in the pageantry industry, people dealing with charities or even people who are part of the general community – and as a result has formed several significant connections with like-minded and passionate people, that help inspire her to be a better version of her current self. She also enjoys getting to meet future pageant queens and inspiring them in their journey.

Every upside has its downside, and the pageantry industry is not immune to that. But Brooke says that she has still not found any downsides to the industry. Her most memorable experience came when she witnessed Mrs. Australia, Jess Turunen, and Miss Teen Oceania, Madison Croft win their respective international titles as Mrs. Continents 2018 and Miss Teen Continents 2018. She credits her international director, Mr Gaspar Cruz for being one of the most kind-hearted, talented and hilarious persons she has ever met. She loves his generosity and she loves taking his advice.

Throughout her journey in pageantry, the most important lesson that she has learned is to keep persisting. She says that if you want something, you must be prepared to work hard and long for it until you reach your goal. Brooke likes how Olivia Jordan put it – “Everyone is worthy of their dreams and there will be other women there that may be better suited for the job. Just remember everyone’s dreams are valid- not just your own.”


She says that in the pageantry industry, you will get many women that are driven, talented and deserving of the title. It is important, therefore, to stay humble, grateful, determined and passionate.

In an industry that mostly focuses on the exterior characteristics of women, she is grateful for the motto of the Miss Continents Pageant – “Be your own kind of beautiful”. She stays grounded by helping out the community through charity work. Living a purpose-driven life is key to keeping things into perspective and it helps her to always keep sight of the important goals of life.

She is looking to start a career in sports psychology and to start a campaign to educate people about mental health, so she can reduce stigma regarding the same.


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