5 Ridiculously Obvious Diet Tips That We Often Overlook


Of course, we all know the typical equation when it comes to losing weight and keeping fit: “Eat less and exercise more.”

I know it sounds very easy, but it’s not what it seems. How hard is it to exercise and keep fit especially with the holiday season upon us??

Sometimes all you really want to do is curl up in your bed with a nice bag of chips and coke. Now let me give you 5 ridiculously obvious diet tips that most of the time we tend to overlook because they’re just too damn straightforward.

1. Don’t think about completely cutting down on your daily calorie intake – think about eating in moderation

One of the worst things you can ever do is to completely stop yourself from eating your favourite snack or dish. Whenever you prohibit yourself from buying that mouth-watering cake from Michels Patisserie, you’ll just end up craving it more and more and the ultimate result is rebound overeating.

Instead of stopping yourself from eating your favourite cake, allocate a day or 2 in a week to eat it- call it your “splurge day.” Let’s say for example that you’re planning to go to the gym twice a week – well then eat your favourite cake before each gym session since you’re going to burn it off afterward anyway.

You can eat your favourite snack; you just have to practice self-control.

2. Most of the time you’re not really hungry so DON’T eat

Sometimes we tend to keep eating and eating because we think we feel hungry, funnily enough, most of the time you’re actually not. Sometimes you’re just feeling thirsty so why don’t get a nice glass of water instead?

If you feel hungry after eating the main meal try drinking a nice cold glass of water first to check if you are indeed hungry. This obvious diet tip can save you from stacking up any extra pounds.

3. Don’t eat massive amounts for your main meals, eat several mini-meals instead

Instead of starving yourself the whole day and then eating 2 whole pieces of chickens for dinner, I suggest that you eat several snacks and small meals to curb your appetite instead. Eat maybe 5-6 meals per day, and try and make sure that your dinner is the last meal on your list.

4. Eat like a kid when you’re out with your friends

Sometimes when you’re out with friends it’s so easy to forget your diet and just go on a warpath and gobble up as much unhealthy snack as you possibly can.

I suggest that you order a sandwich or maybe a smaller cheeseburger as opposed to ordering a gigantic Big Mac. And a good trick to do is try drinking plenty of water after every bite; that’ll make you feel really full. Jedi trick your mind, and if your mind is content, then your stomach will be too.

5. Don’t think about what you should cut out from your diet, think about what you can add on

How about adding some non-fat food to your diets such as fruit or veggies? Eating fruits and vegetables is a great way to lose weight and they’re really quite delicious too. There are so many alternatives now anyway; you can buy vegetables in the form of “Sumo salad” which are not just healthy but also quite delicious too.

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