Have You Got What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur In 2019??


Making your way in the world of the business industry requires a lot of investment not only with the financial aspect but also with loads of guts and determination. So, is entrepreneurship for everybody? I think not. I am not saying that most of us don’t have the money, guts and determination to do it, but if entrepreneurship is for everyone, then I think there are no more employees these days. Everyone could have been business owners. In my own simple opinion, all of us have their own forte; and building a business doesn’t fit in our formula.

Yes, we all have that capacity to think outside of the box, bring their money to a good investment; and those are the ones who can definitely make it big in starting a business. For you to be able to be a businessman, you have to be business minded and business determined. Willpower is one key aspect in entering the business world, without it, a person can easily give up half way through the process.  The business-minded people never lack the fortitude to carry on; why? Because it is what they want. They are armed with knowledge, preparation and strength of the mind. I don’t even think capital is a problem with them, because money can be found anywhere. But with something intangible, something that’s within, those are the most important pieces in doing what you are determined to do.

Most people would prefer working for a certain company, and they work excellently with what they do. Could you imagine walking in a mall and going in a store and no one attends to what you are looking for? Thank goodness there’s this kind saleslady who looks super in what she does; she warmly welcomes you with a smile and cheerfully helps with what you need. This is one of the people who doesn’t need a business to put up with. She is good with what she does. Being an entrepreneur and being a simple employee works hand in hand. In making a successful business, we need workers. It is simply how it should go to make each and everyone successful in their own respective fields. It does not only serve as an opportunity and wealth for the business-minded but also for thousands of employees.

However, anybody can assess themselves if they can consider entrepreneurship as a good investment for them. The idea is always open for everybody; it is always there up for grabs. But then again, determination and considering what you really think what’s best for you is the key to make it happen.

All in all, building up a business is not all about making a profit. It is building up your dream; an innate supremacy that was inside you long ago that’s now being unleashed and not everybody has the same dream as the business-minded people. Other person’s dream is to be a teacher, engineer, architect and the list goes on, and being an entrepreneur isn’t just their strong suit.

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