Brace Yourself, Australia: Mrs., Miss & Miss Teen Australia International Is Set To Hit Sydney In 3 Weeks!

Mrs., Miss & Miss Teen Australia International has long considered itself as more than just a beauty pageant. The competition & crowning event prides itself on seeking compassionate and intellectual beauties to represent Australia on the world’s stage. The International Pageants system is a unique system that differs from other pageant systems due to the authenticity in its aim to strive to serve others in the community. It simultaneously creates the opportunity for women to become self-empowered and empower others. As a part of the Australian International Pageant family, their women get the chance to choose a platform for which they have a true passion and promote this on a national and international scale. Their humanitarian philosophy also helps young women to grow into generous and charitable volunteers, who become aware of the world and community around them. Ferial Youakim will continue with this effort as the pageant’s national director.


Ferial Youakim is the founder of Mums on a Mission, an organization devoted to giving back to the community since 1997. Youakim is currently the National Director and president-elect for the largest professional image consulting organization in the world. She is also the founder of ByFERIAL, an image-consulting firm that specializes in image, colour, makeup artistry, makeovers, and etiquette.

Youakim has a long history of working with men and women around the globe. Prior to joining Mrs., Miss, & Miss Teen Australia International, Youakim has served as an image consultant, vice president, CEO, and Goodwill Ambassador of countless companies globally. Youakim, a former refugee, also founded the group Mums on a Mission, which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a variety of charities over the past 15 years.

“Every day, I see so many people. I just want to stop and help, but I can’t, of course,” said Youakim. “I’ve realized I can’t do it alone.” Youakim is using her life story to inspire and empower women. She believes that a competition & crowning event such as Mrs., Miss & Miss Teen Australia International is the best platform for a woman to show her beauty, strength, and courage on a worldwide stage.

Youakim is honored to be involved in the Mrs., Miss & Miss Teen Australia International system. This is not just a beauty pageant competition recognizing gifted women across the continent, but one that goes beyond the beauty to focus on the talents, accomplishments, personalities, as well as the contributions a participant has had on society.

According to Youakim, it is not the crown or the gown that makes one stand out, it is a warm smile, a helping hand, and the ability to give back to the community that makes a woman shine.

The competition and the crowning event will be on February 21, 2019, in Paramatta at the Novotel Hotel. On the night, the Australian crown will be given to the contestants who will be chosen to represent Australia in 2019 at the International Pageants crowning ceremony in The United States.

To learn more about the International pageant and to book tickets to this not-to-be-missed crowning, visit or call 0413 094 773.

Below are the final six out of 200 applications and 34 finalists who will all be crowned on February 21:


Ms., Michelle Fleming  (Photo Credit: Little Sunshine Imagery)

Ms., Davina Hopwood (Photo Credit: Little Sunshine Imagery)


Mrs., Tracie Tickle (Photo Credit: Little Sunshine Imagery)

Miss, Ruby Adamson (Photo Credit: Little Sunshine Imagery)

Miss Teen, Jazmine Alessio (Photo Credit: MCSLOANE Photography)

Miss Teen, Madison Dowden (Photo Credit: DamoPhoto)

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