3 Simple Ways Of Making Money Online That You Might Not Have Heard Of


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People choose to work online to have an extra source of income or to make money while staying at home and taking care of their children. There are a lot of popular ways on how to make money online, but there are top 3 options that most experts would recommend especially when you are new in the field. All it takes is for you to understand how every type of job works and put a lot of effort in fulfilling every task.

Be a Freelance Writer

This is among the popular options that are available for anyone. It doesn’t necessarily require you to be a writer at heart, but it is best that you are well aware of how to create articles with a great flow of information. The articles you can create can be used as contents for filling in site pages with facts about the company and their services or products or be used for blogs of certain sites when the site owner is unable to create articles. Payment for the job may range from $5 to around $100 depending on the length, content and other requirements by your client.

Some of the best sites for freelance writing jobs are:

Upwork – This site has almost 2 million clients across the globe and is looking for different writing jobs with varying lengths and requirements.

Fiverr – The site is open for everyone who wants to offer their professional services for a minimum amount of $5. This includes freelance writing jobs.

Selling Items Online

With this opportunity, you can either sell items or products you make or you can be a retailer of certain products. Selling items online can be done through a website created solely for this purpose or you can opt for making an account for the website. All you have to do is to be more creative in offering your product and giving some freebies to engage your target customers.

For this option, you can always use the following sites:

– Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – Use these social media pages to post pictures of the items you are selling.

Etsy – Another popular site where you can sell almost anything is Etsy. Give every item an interesting description to entice more buyers.

Doing Small Jobs or Tasks

Now, this type of job usually depends on what service you can offer. You can join certain sites that offer these services and be one of the people to accomplish certain tasks. The pay also depends on the type of tasks you accomplish.

Fiverr can be a good choice for this job, but there are other sites that you can try signing up for these jobs.

EasyShift – If you have an iPhone and want to earn from using it, this microtask app is a great option for accomplishing shifts of tasks. You can get paid for around $2 each.

TaskRabbit – For those who like to accomplish small tasks around their area like house cleaning, grocery trips and other related services, this site is a great option.

Use these top 3 ideas on how to make money online and maybe you can earn money in a short period of time.

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