So You Want To Make A Living Off Instagram? Read This First


Social media influencers are becoming more and more popular these days. With the invention of ad-block, advertisements and campaigns are not reaching the same numbers that they used to, which has opened up new opportunities for regular people to get in on the money-making action. Taking the advice of those who are already making money on the site, here are the more important things to take into account when you are thinking of making a living out of Instagram.

Focus on Your Following First

The first step is to build your following. No one will be offering you money if you don’t have any followers. This is one of the hardest parts of the journey and will take some time, but it is also the most important. Building a stable base for your Instagram will serve you well later. Most influencers say that they didn’t even consider making money for the first 6-8 months, and this is a realistic timespan to consider when first starting out.

How to Get Followers

Getting followers can take a long time. If you are serious about this, then you will need to start spending at least a few hours a day on Instagram interacting with other users, speaking to your followers, and of course posting pictures. A steady stream of activity is the only way to keep an account strong, any extended periods of inactivity and followers will unsubscribe.

Sign up For Influencer Programs

Once you start gaining followers, you can sign up for influencer programs. These are programs that put you in touch with potential deals and opportunities, pairing you with companies and brands based on your account’s style and reach. This way you can keep working on your account and wait for the deals to come your way.

Go Looking for Your Own Deals

Time is money, however, and if you don’t want to wait, some of the more adventurous accounts make their own deals. If you want to make some serious money here, then you might want to think about pitching ideas to companies first. Now, this takes some planning and a lot of research on the companies first and foremost, but if you have enough of an influence and you study hard, this could pay off for you in a big way.

Be Picky

When it comes to getting deals for a paid post, you shouldn’t be accepting everything that comes your way. A beauty enthusiast should not be trying to sell fish food because that is not what her audience follows her for. But even within your own style, you need to be picky about the brands you work with. Only work with brands that you really feel for, because followers can see through the curtains and any hint of you not being authentic, will have them unsubscribing.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Always have another source of income. Instagram can change their algorithm any time they want, or the site can go bust. Make sure you have another option for emergencies.

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