3 Awesome Ways To Grow Your Facebook Traffic And Fans Even If You Don’t Have A Budget


If you want to avoid using Facebook ads to grow your business because it costs money, then you need to develop a strong community to gain Facebook fans. But how do you go about doing that? Here are a few ways to grow Facebook fans, even if you don’t have a budget.

Promotional Swaps

A good strategy is to use promotional swaps. Find services and products that complement what your business is all about. These pages will share to your target audience and will have fans as well. Search for similar pages that share your target audience and then contact the owners and talk about your business. You can offer to mention their page on your page in exchange for them mentioning your page. This means that both of you will benefit. You will get more fans this way as the other page is relevant to yours.

Be a Guest Curator

One way you can gain fans is to guest curate for other pages. This will allow you to network with individuals in your industry. This gives you more reach and visibility. Since you’re an expert, you’ll offer good value to the fans of the page you guest curate, which will, in turn, bring you more fans, too. Make sure you keep things interesting to get even more fans. Your articles and content should be relevant to the page to build excitement. Let the other page owner know your skills and how you can help them with their page. You can send a message to the owner of the page you want to guest curate on to get started being a guest curator. Many people want to do this because they don’t have the free time to tend to their pages, so you can help them and be a guest curator.

Use Question and Answer Sessions

You can invite experts to answer questions on your page and then get users to show up to ask the expert questions that they have. The responses can be given in real time which adds great value to your page and engages users. You can create buzz with this option by creating a Facebook event. This is a natural way to get interested individuals to your page. Simply find an expert and ask them to visit your page and answer questions. This also helps the expert as they will get people interested in their pages as well.


These are a few of the ways that you can grow your Facebook fans without relying on advertising or a budget. This will help you grow an organic audience that’s interested in what you have to say, and they will become fans of your Facebook page. Try each one of these tactics and see which one works for you. There’s no need to use them all, but you can if you so desire.

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