Meet The Beautiful Finalists In The 2019 Miss Sahara Beauty Pageant


After months of auditions, Miss Sahara has finally found their top eight finalists who will be going through to the Finals this coming April 13.

Miss Sahara is the only National Beauty Pageant for Women of African heritage in Australia.

Miss Sahara seeks to expand broader Australian community’s notions of beauty in a multicultural Australian context, whilst building pathways for women of African heritage to be better represented in the mainstream beauty and modeling industries.

Meet the ten finalists vying for the title of Miss Sahara 2019:

Catherine Madziva

Catherine Madziva from NSW is 20 years old and originally from Zimbabwe. She’s confident, outgoing, free-spirited and passionate about social justice and women’s rights. Catherine loves spending time at the beach, love fashion, food, and spending time with family and friends.

Akuac Arik

Akuac Arik who will be representing Victoria was born to South Sudanese parents. Akuac is a 22 years old young woman who is determined and ambitious to succeed in every aspect of life. She is not afraid to try new things because she believes it is important to live your life to the fullest. Akuac participating in Miss Sahara to build up her confidence.

Rahama Hadji

Rahama Hadji is from NSW. Rahama is 19 years old from Ethiopian, she is currently studying a Diploma of Community Services and as well participating in beauty pageants and modeling on the side. Rahama has always been passionate about becoming a model but because of her studies, she has not had the chance until recently. She hopes to gain more experiences from Miss Sahara.

Adut Lual

Adut Lual who will be representing NSW is originally from South Sudan. Adut is 21 years old and studying a criminal justice degree at Western Sydney University. She is passionate about achieving justice and providing equal opportunities for all. Hence why she decided to study in her chosen field of profession. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, playing Uno and watching TV shows.

Tinashe Sithole

Tinasha Sithole is 25 years old and a native Zimbabwean residing in NSW. Tinashe recently completed her Bachelor of Nursing. Tinashe is also interested in marketing and advertising and loves anything to do with fitness and health. She has also always been passionate about modeling but has always been hesitant because she was a bit shy and quiet. She hopes that joining Miss Sahara 2019 can give her the confidence she needs and be able to try and pursue a career in modelling.

Christina Manyang

Christina is 26 years old, and originally from South Sudan. She loves learning about different cultures, love meeting new people and enjoys traveling. Christina is an outspoken young woman who wants to advocate on the way we view ‘beauty’ across society. She has been through a stage in her life where she was bullied for being so dark and now she wants to do all she can to show young girls that they are beautiful no matter their skin tone. She is new to modeling but wants to continue to be an advocate of accepting your own uniqueness and beauty.

Princess Chinoyi

Princess Chinoyi is a proud African-Australian born in Zimbabwe and moved to Australia in 2010. The move has provided Princess an opportunity for a better education. Growing up in Australia has been both a challenge and a blessing for Princess. Her talents and passions reside in creativity and sports, mostly enjoy painting, drawing, sewing, house decor, fashion, and dancing. Princess decided to apply for Miss Sahara this year because she saw a good opportunity in terms of experience and gaining more confidence in herself. Since she was young it has always been her goal to enter a pageant competition but never had the chance until now.

Beti Mapiou

Beti Mapiou is originally from South Sudan, she is currently studying Dental Nurse. She enjoys reading because she believes there’s so much knowledge to be acquired in this world. When she is not busy, she loves staying home reading and relaxing, or attending community events when she sees fit.


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