How to Increase Facebook Engagement: 11 Surefire Tips That Actually Work


Following trends is hard these days. Especially in terms of advertising and media marketing, it’s hard to see what works best when it comes to making a product or brand popular. But don’t fret! This article will wake you through 11 simple strategies that are guaranteed to work to help you boost your activity and follower engagement in an efficient way.

Asking opinions

Obviously, the followers post comments when they want to share their views, but sometimes you might be taking away their chances with non-interactive posts. Ask a question! It’s a great way to engage with your followers and let them share their views.

Posting when more fans are active

A great way to find out when your posts will have audience interaction is by using the Facebook page insights. This way, more people will engage in your content and will not miss your posts.


You can’t always use the same stuff or people will get bored of your content/ You should always keep experimenting and try out new stuff as this will lead to interesting content posting. Testing will also keep you on par with the ongoing trends!

Occasionally hosting giveaways

Who doesn’t want free stuff? Hosting a giveaway is a good idea as contest posts and giveaway posts always receive tons of engagement. Place relevant gifts and hold giveaways occasionally.

Replying to comments

Replying to comments is not only nice but also helps in engagement with fans. It will make them feel like they’re being heard and will motivate them to engage and comment more.

Sharing content which is curated

It might feel weird at first, but sharing curated content of interest helps boost engagement in a very efficient way. Sharing other brand’s work might not only help you in your growth but also share your posts with more people.

Lesser posting

Quality over quantity! Sometimes finding great content takes a lot of time so instead of posting average content, spend that time finding quality posts! Best posts can be shared when you post less as you will focus on the quality. But you don’t need to follow this rule if you can maintain the content quality.

Recycling of your top content

Apart from using the boost option, you can also repost or re-blog your favorite content. Sometimes recycling can end up getting you more views and engagements especially when there is high-quality content involved.

Creation of a Facebook-linked group

Make a Facebook group and link it to your page. This will help boost engagement as your fans will have discussions and might even promote your brands in other groups. New members will also be motivated to check out your content.

Using Facebook Live

Facebook has tweaked its media platform to place live videos on a higher rank comparative to when they’re no longer live. Social media examiners have also shown us that due to going live, people check out non-live content as well. You can try sharing behind the scenes work or host an ‘ask me anything’ session etc. on a Facebook live.

Learn by keeping tabs on other pages

The social media community is ever evolving. It is always a good idea to learn from other more popular Facebook pages to see and try what is working for them. Add more pages in your to-watch list and check out what is working best!

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