Meet The 9 Talented Designers Who Will Be Showcasing At The Western Sydney Fashion Festival

Western Sydney Fashion Festival (WSFF) is an annual community event showcasing a fashion runaway for emerging and culturally diverse fashion designers. Meet the 9 talented fashion designers who will be showcasing at The Western Sydney Fashion Festival 2019:

Armando Clothing


Armando’s mission is to build a strong sense of purpose, empowering men’s freedom to choose what they wear without being scared and judge.



S8 OUTA BANX is a hip hop, RnB, streetwear collection based on the rapper movement of the 1970s. A time where a music revolution was occurring underground in the Bronx of New York. A time where the youth were craving a way to voice their stories and let the world know their struggles.

The collection has an influence in voicing the stories of youth from 2200, a western suburb of Sydney. Its underlying messages speaks out about domestic violence, drug abuse, homelessness, racial profiling, and racism. It hits close to home with each passing design.

The fabrics are heavy on denim and print. The prints have lyrics of the designer’s rap album which will debut on the runway during fashion week.

In regards to the pattern making, it is created in a way these clothes could almost substitute as a sleeping bag for the homeless youth.

Iham A Ismail


Ilham A Ismail is a brand targeting the emerging market of Muslim woman living in western countries who want to keep up with contemporary trends and textile innovation whilst still adhering to their modest dress code. The label creates high-end street style fashion with a focus on fabric embellishment and innovative textiles which makes it appealing for anyone who loves fashion.

The label is not only about producing beautiful clothing but in using fashion to make a difference in the world. The inspiration behind the collections are based on important issues happening around the world and generally all projects are linked to some charity project.

Lakshmi Bee


Fast fashion is still one of the worlds largest polluters shortly after the oil industry, with disastrous effects on the planet and people involved. It’s a global scale problem from the production of fabric to the finished garment.

Yes, it is a massive issue to fix, but as always, great change begins with simple steps.

Lakshmi Bee wants to share simple ideas that you and I can take to help combat this issue, beginning with your own wardrobes.

Lakshmi Bee is made up of a mother and daughter team (Lakshmi and Susan Gowda) and they’re on a mission to help heal the world and people through fashion recreation.

Marky Atelier


 Mark Atelier is dedicated to saving time and celebrating the unique figures of successful business women through personalized fashion.

Public Island


RTW Clothing Line coming out of the West. Public Island is here to bridge that gap between modern evening and high-end street.

Sew Pretty


 Sew Pretty creates trendy, designer and uber cool outfits that are as unique as you. They create customized casual, formal and bridal wear because they believe that every outfit you wear should be as unique as you.

The Social Outfit


 The Social Outfit is a fashion label with a difference, celebrating creativity and our diverse community. They create ethical Clothing Australia accredited, made ethically in Newtown.

Trendy B


Trendy B’s goal is to put the “fun” in functional fashion. We know that looking stylish can make your whole day better; that’s why they’re committed to being your source for the newest trends. They design clothing you love so you can focus on looking great!

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