4 Ways to Get More (REAL) Instagram Followers


Instagram has been around now for a while, and it doesn’t just end there. It keeps growing.

About 500 million people have an Instagram account, and 300 million of these users are actively using the platform daily. This is great news for social media marketers.

With millions of people using Instagram, you’ll have bigger chances of reaching your target audience. Hence, creating a prolific account in Instagram with a lot of followers is a surefire way to consistently and effectively reach out to your desired audience.

But then comes an important question – first and foremost, how do you attract a lot of Instagram followers?

Stop scratching your head and read on, as this article will discuss the different social media marketing strategies and techniques that you can follow so you can build your own empire of Instagram – with solid followers that keep increasing day by day.

Ensure Consistent Interaction with Your Audience

Gaining more followers means you also have to engage and interact with your followers.

Get a Good Grasp of the Contents that Will Actually Connect to Your Audience

Start by asking yourself who you want to reach out with and the type of mindsets they would likely have. You can then determine what contents to create to attract your target followers.

The key is creating engaging and interesting ‘remarkable contents’ to delight your followers. But, what makes a remarkable content? Primarily, it means you need to post high-quality images and videos on Instagram. Here are some tips:

• Brighter images generate about 24% more likes over dark ones.
• Higher levels of texture results to 79% more likes compared to those without texture.

Generally, highly personable images tend to draw more audience. Still lost? Check on other successful Instagram accounts and learn their patterns. Additionally, aside from posting great content, consistently posting content is also important. Be careful not to overwhelm your audience though by spacing out your posts.

Offer Payments for Exposure

Here, you’ll have two options:

A. The Shoutout Method

This refers to reaching out to other people with the same or relevant niche as you have and ask them if they want to run a sponsored post.

B. Run Ads

You can run the ads via Facebook Ad Manager.

Encourage Audience Participation

Try posting user-generated contents. You can also hold a contest for the best images among your followers or post quotes and ask your followers to tag someone else who can relate to the quote.

Final Words

Many marketers find Instagram an effective tool that helps in generating sales and business growth.

It only makes sense to take the time to understand the importance of growing your followers so you can take advantage of the benefits Instagram has to offer.

In the end, there are several options that you can explore. You can focus on regularly posting engaging contents or offer to pay for exposure. Or better yet, think about combining the different strategies mentioned in this article, to achieve awesome results!

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