7 Reasons Why You Don’t Need To Join A Gym ( And What To Do Instead)


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Contrary to what you might be thinking, being fit and healthy doesn’t really require regular visits to the gym.

Though the gym may seem necessary to finally achieve the bikini-ready body you want, it is not the only place that can help you make it happen. There are a number of ways and places you can go to in order to stay in shape.

Yes, there may be a number of benefits from going to the gym, but it doesn’t mean you necessarily need to join one and here are 7 reasons why:

1. You can work out at home

You can burn as much flab as you possibly want even at the comforts of your own home. A variety of YouTube videos these days are available for those who want to stay shape. These videos provide really basic instructions and steps for beginners, which are very easy follow. Plus, you can rewind it anytime you want.

2. You can save money by skipping gym

Gyms offer a number of amenities like a spa, a shower, a pool, free veggie shakes and so on. However, along with these benefits, is a rather hefty monthly membership fee. Jogging around the park gives you as much cardio workout as a treadmill without the need to pay exorbitant fees.

3. You can save time by skipping gym

The gym can be pretty crowded at times, and following your own schedule might be difficult. If you are a working mom or dad and you only have a few hours a week to go to the gym, exercising at home is probably your best option. You can actually download apps that can guide you as to which exercises you can do to target areas in your body.

4. You don’t need to buy expensive gym outfits

Aside from a costly memberships fee, gym outfits can also be expensive because you don’t want to be caught in the same outfit everyday. When working out at home, you no longer have to worry about that. You can just exercise even in your worn out pajamas or even with the same top every time.

5. You can just buy your own gym equipment

You can invest in your own gym equipment. There are tons of abs shapers and other tools to allow people to do their workouts at home. Visit your sports store and ask for a cost-effective gym equipment.

6. You don’t need to join a gym to hire a trainer

If you feel that you need a professional trainer to help you to trim your size, then hire a trainer. You can even negotiate a time of the day or week when you are available to exercise.

7. Privacy

Some people may not be comfortable doing awkward exercise positions in public. And, the gym may not provide you with a lot of privacy since they have shared facilities like the shower and pool.

You can be as healthy and fit as you want to be even without spending too much. All you really need is sheer determination and self-motivation. With the right attitude, creativity and your resourcefulness, nothing should be impossible, especially when it comes to taking care of your own body.

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