Wintertime Skin Tips: 5 Surefire Tips To Maintain The Perfect Complexion


Our skin reacts to the environment we are in. I’ve worked with hundreds of girls over the years and one of the things I discovered is that not many people change their makeup and skincare seasonally.

It’s great practice to get into the habit of switching up your key products according to the seasons. As a model, products and layers of heavy makeup are applied on the daily. One of the top priorities for you should be a consistent regime to maintain the perfect complexion. Here are five helpful tips to help save your skin:

More Sunshine = More Sunscreen

Get into the habit of using an SPF daily, as Aussie sun is extremely damaging even though we’re currently in the middle of winter. Whether that be swapping out your foundation for a tinted SPF, or adding a layer of sunscreen as your primer. To avoid issues with pigmentation, loss of collagen, elastin and accelerated signs of aging – always use an SPF30+ when outdoors. SPF 50+ for added points of protection.

You can easily dodge pigmentation concerns when you incorporate a consistent sunscreen routine into your beauty regime. If you have pigment/melasma concerns, serums that are high in Vitamin C, Niacinamide or Retinol are great options for daily treatment.

Detox More Frequently

Always amp up your cleansing and detoxing regime. Ensure you are doing deep cleansing masks or treatments once a week, on top of your daily double cleanse at night with your preferred cleanser (Kaolin clay masks work great, or oxygen activated products are the new rage at the moment). Sunscreen absorbs deeper into the skin, thus cleansing has to be incredibly effective.

Facials are a great way to eliminate toxins via lymphatic drainage and are a cheat way to achieve a glowing complexion within one session. I would highly recommend a facial with a reputable skin clinic with every change of season, that way you are always staying on top of your skin needs.

Don’t Forget Your Toner

When toners first came onto the market, they were laden with heavy acids and alcohol. These are the ones that should be used sparingly, and even avoided!

Hydrating, cleansing toners on a cotton pad as a last step of your cleansing regime will always show you how much makeup and cleanser you didn’t take off (our hands only take off 60% of our makeup, scary times!). It’s so important that we have clean skin before any moisturizer is applied. Toner also helps your serums, and creams penetrate deeper into the skin, so, therefore, you don’t have to use as much cream as you think you need! Win-win!

Bold Trends For Wintertime Glam

There is something about wintertime that calls for elevated glam. I love adding Classic Reds and punchy bright hues of fuchsia or deep oranges to enhance a glowy complexion.

DO: keep your lipstick texture in mind.

If you’re prone to dry lips, opt for creamy formulas, or sheer glossy lipsticks (and be sure to exfoliate your lips beforehand). That way they will fade to a soft tint over the evening. If you don’t feel like touching up over the evening, reach for the punchy mattes and keep the colour within the edges of the lip line. Remember, you don’t need lip liners with matte liquid lipsticks! Still afraid of the bold? Make your lip more wearable by using your finger as the applicator. Then using the tip of your ring finger, softly diffuse the colour around the lip line, creating more of a stained effect.

DON’T: Go overboard with the rest of your makeup when playing up the lip.

Keep the rest of the complexion clean and sophisticated. Meaning, you should keep your eyes softer to bring more attention to the gorgeous bright lip. Opt for bronze shadow. That way you are bringing attention to one area of the face, this is how you create balanced makeup.

About Kim Barry:

While assisting multiple artists, Kim has also worked for Mecca Cosmetica, in both management and artistry for the last six years. With a strong background in skincare teamed with luxury makeup, she has earned a reputation for creating the perfect, photographic complexion. Clients and productions Kim has worked for and collaborated with include; Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia (runway), Best & Less (TVC), Keno (TVC), SBS Australia (film), Masterchef (television), Packed to the Rafters (television), Vogue Living Australia (print), Cosmopolitan Magazine (print), American Apparel (print), General Pants (print), and more. She has also worked alongside several international makeup artists for brand events such as By Terry, Chantecaille, Hourglass, and Stila.

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