4 Surefire Ways To Look And Feel Perfectly Pageant Ready


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So you’re gearing up to compete in a pageant and looking your best is at the forefront of your mind. It can be a little stressful, there’s a lot to consider – the tan, the makeup, the dress, the hair (and the list goes on). But, have you stopped to consider your wellbeing? Working on yourself from the inside out can reveal the most radiant and vibrant you. How well you feel translates into how good you look and a healthy body and spirit will have you shining on stage as the best version of yourself.

Get plenty of sleep

There is only so much that concealer can achieve – they don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason! Trying to get enough sleep can be difficult. Do set aside enough time to allow yourself to unwind. Avoid caffeine as much as you can (certainly in the later hours of the day). Indulge with an enriching and soothing night cream or facial mask. A few drops of lavender on your pillow, a warm bath, and some relaxing tunes can set the scene to make slumber come a little easier. Try to get into as much of a pattern as possible and avoid too much stimulus (TV, Facebook) before bedtime. Reading, however, can have you nodding off in no time at all.

Eat clean

We’ve all heard it said many a time – you are what you eat. Eating clean is about eating as close to nature as possible as to reap as much nutrition as you can. It’s about avoiding processed foods, refined sugars, saturated fats, and alcohol. Grains like quinoa, superfoods like kale and acai and healthy fats like avocado can reignite your energy levels and have your hair and skin glowing. Eating as much and as varied fruit and vegetables and a hearty breakfast daily will have your metabolism working at its best.

Exercise moderately

Lately, it’s all about “fitspo” but you needn’t go crazy at the gym to achieve a beautiful shape. Low-intensity techniques like Pilates and Yoga can tone and lengthen your muscles for a leaner look and help you to relax all at the same time. Some light cardio three times a week is a reasonable standard to work towards. Do something you enjoy (surf, go hiking, swim) and you can hardly call it exercise at all. But, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of being active nonetheless.

Find reasons to smile, laugh and be positive

To become perfectly pageant ready you need to embrace the positive aspects of yourself and your life. Try to find a small good deed to do every day and enjoy the karmic rewards. Take time to smell the roses and do the things you enjoy. Don’t sweat the small stuff and find time for friends and family. A smile can be better than any cosmetic. True radiance can never be faked. Become the happiest person you can be and you’ll be a winner no matter the outcome of your pageant competition.

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