Brace Yourself, Australia: The Sassy & Co Fashion Show Is Set To Hit Sydney Next Week!


Brought to you by MS Events Group in collaboration with StarCentral Magazine, the Sassy & Co fashion show showcases and unifies the people, style, and talent of emerging fashion designers down under.

The mission of the Sassy & Co brand has always been to make its mark on the Australian fashion scene, and beyond.

Sassy & Co is a fashion platform launched to give a face and a voice to the culture, designers, and budding entrepreneurs down under. It acts as the fashion-forward leader in the latest emerging styles and fashion designers and it also promotes the importance of community, ambition, and growth.

Sassy & Co’s aim is to build business opportunities for designers and models to showcase their brands amongst industry experts. It is about arming established and upcoming designers with knowledge and techniques to navigate in the uncompromising deep waters of the fashion industry.

Sassy & Co is also about recognising top emerging and multicultural designers by offering a prestigious platform.

Our purpose:

•Promote emerging fashion trade/export
•Serve as a scouting platform for industry experts and business of interest
•Serve as an Industry recognition platform for top tier emerging Designers

The 2019 Sassy & Co fashion show will be featuring some of the most incredibly talented Sydney designers such as GTAB, Lakshmi Bee, Lanikai the Label, Leatheron, Karimadon, Trendy B, Lisa Swinbanks, OOGII, La Koi Swimwear, Dolly and Armando. The Sassy & Co fashion extravaganza is happening on Saturday, August 31 from 6:30pm and onwards and it’s an event not to be missed! It’s powered by Glam Nepal International, the Millionaire Alliance, Karimadon, International Fashion & Beauty, Arc Creations, Classic Hair by Mimo, Sarah Jade Beauty and David Literato – the official videographer of Sassy & Co.

You can purchase tickets to this amazing event simply by clicking this: Link


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