Meet The 11 Incredible Designers Who Will Be Showcasing At The Sassy & Co Fashion Extravaganza

Brought to you by MS Events Group in collaboration with StarCentral Magazine, the Sassy & Co fashion show showcases and unifies the people, style, and talent of emerging fashion designers down under.

The mission of the Sassy & Co brand has always been to make its mark on the Australian fashion scene, and beyond.

Sassy & Co is a fashion platform launched to give a face and a voice to the culture, designers, and budding entrepreneurs down under. It acts as the fashion-forward leader in the latest emerging styles and fashion designers and it also promotes the importance of community, ambition, and growth. Meet the 11 talented fashion designers who will be showcasing at the 2019 Sassy & Co fashion show:

Armando Clothing


Photo Credit: Raymond Bartholomeusz

Armando’s mission is to build a strong sense of purpose, empowering men’s freedom to choose what they wear without being scared and judge.



S8 OUTA BANX is a hip hop, RnB, streetwear collection based on the rapper movement of the 1970s. A time where a music revolution was occurring underground in the Bronx of New York. A time where the youth were craving a way to voice their stories and let the world know their struggles.

The collection has an influence in voicing the stories of youth from 2200, a western suburb of Sydney. Its underlying messages speaks out about domestic violence, drug abuse, homelessness, racial profiling, and racism. It hits close to home with each passing design.

The fabrics are heavy on denim and print. The prints have lyrics of the designer’s rap album which will debut on the runway during fashion week.

In regards to the pattern making, it is created in a way these clothes could almost substitute as a sleeping bag for the homeless youth.

Lakshmi Bee


Photo Credit: Dave Choo

Fast fashion is still one of the worlds largest polluters shortly after the oil industry, with disastrous effects on the planet and people involved. It’s a global-scale problem from the production of fabric to the finished garment.

Yes, it is a massive issue to fix, but as always, great change begins with simple steps.

Lakshmi Bee wants to share simple ideas that you and I can take to help combat this issue, beginning with your own wardrobes.

Lakshmi Bee is made up of a mother and daughter team (Lakshmi and Susan Gowda) and they’re on a mission to help heal the world and people through fashion recreation.

Trendy B


Trendy B’s goal is to put the “fun” in functional fashion. They know that looking stylish can make your whole day better; that’s why they’re committed to being your source for the newest trends. They design clothing you love so you can focus on looking great!

Lisa Swinbanks


“Made in Australia with love; Inspired by English Classical Literature and Japanese Art.”

Growing up in Tokyo with a Japanese mother and an English father, Lisa Swinbanks’ designs stems from both her roots.

After graduating in Applied Fashion Design and Technology at Ultimo TAFE in November 2015, Lisa Swinbanks began selling her designs at Manly, Kirribilli and Mosman markets.

Her designs are classic, simple and sweet. Using monochrome tones, she combines feminine elegance with a flirtatious twist.

Fabrics are sourced locally and in her home country, Japan.

Lanikai the Label


Founded by Claire Vella, Lanikai the label is an Eco-sustainable swimwear brand based in Sydney and Bali.

The label was born with a mission; To create responsible swimwear without compromising quality, style, and functionality.

With ethical and sustainable values as the core of their brand, their philosophy intends to lessen our environmental footprint by creating responsible fashion that makes a positive impact on the planet.



Photo Credit: Raymond Bartholomeusz

In the year of 1997 Tommy Ge, the founder of Leatheron started with a creation at the very tender age of 12 years old, where he had designed his first-ever cream leather jacket. Realizing at a young age what his calling was, Tommy Ge started his career in Retail world, throughout many years in Retail from managing several big brand names, Tommy Ge realized that he wanted to develop a garment which was ‘Timeless, Genuine, and Unique.’

Inspired by a Hong Kong trip, Leatheron was soon to no longer be a dream but a reality. Throughout the journey, it became a sudden realization that fashion was a destination, a lifestyle that’s always on the go.

Leatheron is for the career-driven woman who works hard, but plays harder in style with poise, working the look from enjoying a latte by day and sipping a cocktail by night. The fashionista who knows how to live life to the fullest.

Leatheron is for the man, who works hard to get the job done, he’s career-focused yet enjoys the essence of fashion. The Leatheron man appreciates quality over quantity, ready to wine and dine his lady in style, he’ll dress to impress.

Leatheron trades at Paddington Markets and The Rocks Markets on Saturdays, Bondi Markets and The Rocks Markets on Sundays.



KARIMADON is an exciting and dynamic fashion brand of ready-to-wear women’s apparel that range from classic and fashionable gowns and dresses to trendy casual and workwear pieces at affordable price points. The brand is well known for its couture quality special occasion dresses and gowns.

It was established in 1980 and is owned and managed by a family Corporation. To date, KARIMADON has 17 stand-alone stores and 4 outlets found inside major malls of the country.

KARIMADON provides a woman her clothing needs for her various stages and requirements in life. From her Debut to her Prom needs, her Work Wear to her Party clothes and eventually for her Wedding gowns and dresses.

The brand makes sure that all women can depend on KARIMADON to make them feel special, stylish and beautiful wherever they go.


Dolly offers stunning dresses for women of all ages. Their dresses are in line with the latest fashion trends in Pakistan & India.



OOGII is an International journalist, News Anchor, and designer whose Sydney brand creates glamorous and comfortable shoes, exquisite handbags and custom designs worn worldwide!

La Koi Swimwear


Influenced by European luxury lifestyle. Sleek sensuality and soft sophistication are showcased in the stunning swim designs from Australia.

This exclusive swimwear combines function, style, and comfort in a luxurious fashion.

La Koi swimwear made for a sophisticated and confident woman, who cares about quality and style. LaKoi Swimwear is defined by exquisite details and collection is tailored in Australia using fine quality Italian fabrics.

The idea for the brand name came from Chinese culture. A legend of the Dragon Gate in which a Koi fish swam upstream, through waterfalls and other obstacles to reach the top of the mountain. The legend says that when the koi finally reached the top, it became a dragon, one of the most auspicious creatures in Chinese culture.

Like The Koi Fish, a daunting journey but rewarding none the less.

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