Rising Star Spotlight: Get To Know Miss Sahara 2019 Catherine Madziva


Since winning the title of Miss Sahara 2019, Catherine Madziva has become determined to make a positive change in her community. She wants to be part of the process that opens doors for people that are under-represented.

She was initially contacted during the Sounds of Afro Beats Festival, where she was approached by Teresa Yuol – the National Director of Miss Sahara. After talking to Teresa and her team, Catherine realized that their vision aligned, as they both had similarities in the desire to promote ‘minority groups.’ So she decided to enter the pageant. From the first getgo, Catherine felt right at home. All the contestants stayed at Novotel, so they were around each other pretty much all day. With so many girls together you’d assume cattiness would come about – but no, during both nights all the girls would come together in one room and they would all just hang out, talk about their lives, their careers, or movies they’ve seen. They’d dance, laugh, have snacks and just enjoy each other’s company. This was a special moment for her as it changed her prior perspective of what pageants typically looked like backstage. It was a very warm and pleasant experience. Miss Sahara has given her the courage to continue to pursue her goals. After she won the Miss Sahara pageant, she wanted to create positive change in her community.

Miss Sahara has broadened Catherine’s horizons in the fashion and beauty industry and has enabled her to work with incredibly talented people that happens to be from a diverse cultural background. She sees the platform as a means to diversify herself and have a wider audience to reach to speak on things like diversity, social issues and world change. During her reign, she has done multiple things to empower people from minority groups. For example, she has done community work, volunteering her time to causes she believes in. She also regularly hosts events that benefit young girls and women. This amazing work is made possible thanks to the support she receives from her friends and family. Her family also keeps her focused on important things, remaining wary of the intense value the beauty industry places on women. In addition, Catherine is planning to expand her platform by being more active on social media because this will enable her to continue expanding her influence. Another way that she is trying to improve the world is by getting her degree in Social Work. This will allow her to change the way we view social issues, changing the policies to improve the system for everyone. To do this, one of her biggest goals is to work at the United Nations.

Catherine Madziva is definitely someone we can see being successful in the near future. She wants to use her reign to make meaningful changes to empower minority groups. The title allows her to use her influence wisely. She also plans to experience more of the world through travel. This will allow her to meet new people, experience various cultures and try new types of food. At only 21 years old, you can expect more big things in the future from Catherine Madziva.

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