5 Surefire Ways Of Staying Fit And Fabulous This Christmas And Holiday Season


If you are becoming too nostalgic recently, that is probably because time flies too fast and we are now again traipsing our way into another series of holiday celebrations. This means we’re eyeing on seemingly endless gatherings and family reunions. Sounds fun? You bet! But fun won’t last longer than the period of merriment as we begin to notice bulges and fats getting comfortable in our bodies. Now, that’s not sweet, isn’t it?

With the mark of Christmas season coming our way, excessive eating has also found its saccharine vengeance against our rejuvenating, healthy lifestyle. It is the biggest culprit that always makes us surrender ourselves to the temptation and we pay the price so devastatingly the moment we feel our weight on the scale. The truth is –fitness does not have to be back-burnered. You can still enjoy the sumptuous food while keeping the abs; you just have to learn to get ahead of yourself. Here are few practical ways on how you can stay fit amidst the splendid Christmas season.

  • Practice small frequent feeding –Proper meal distribution will keep those extra pounds at bay. While the sight of palatable goodies distracts you from keeping your healthy routine, avoid eating big portions all at once. You can also inject the idea of walking before hitting the sack as it will contribute in proper food digestion.
  • Eat before you party and do not skip meals –Ensure that you take your meal first before you frolic at parties, family reunions or any sort of gatherings where there will be plenty of food. By doing so, you are saving yourself from overindulging or overeating. The idea here is to fight temptation as much as possible and this is a very easy job when your stomach is full. Moreover, skipping meals would do more harm than good since it is often known for its counterproductive effects.
  • Encourage outdoor activities as part of your celebration –Family reunions are the best occasions in which you can infuse some outdoor activities. Appreciate the beautiful weather outside while doing energetic pleasures such as snowball fight and other physical games. Who says you can’t burn those calories while enjoying your family get-together?!
  • Know your beverages –Get rid of those extra holiday weight by knowing which alcohol or beverage is more damaging to your lifestyle. When you figure this out, remember to drink in moderation. Excessive alcohol drinking could invite more pounds faster than your unpleasant eating habits.
  • Embrace your fitness routine or find alternatives – Hit the gym whenever possible or make use of the space in your house. The goal is to keep your body as active as you can to burn unwanted calories.  Other alternatives would be walking around the parks, jogging at night or even biking.  No matter how much you eat, these activities would make you feel better at the end of the day.

Christmas is no doubt the busiest season every year. With friends coming over and parties happening everywhere, it would be too difficult to separate ourselves from the entire merriment that circulates us. Staying fit calls for unwavering self-discipline and it is the only way to keep the guilty grinch away.

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