5 Simple Weight Loss Tips to De-Bloat and De-Stuff Yourself After The Holidays


Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, so they say. It’s that time when we catch up with good friends and relatives that we don’t often see every day. The season is so festive that most of us look forward to it with incredible excitement in our eyes. But if you think Christmas is just all about merriment, think again as you binge on some yummy cookies and while you finish your first slice of cake with remorse.

Indeed, holiday traditions and endless Christmas dinners are amazing. We cook new memories with our loved ones and become nostalgic as we dig on the good stories we have established with them in the past. Often, these happen in the middle of delicious menus and seemingly overflowing hors d’oeuvre which we can easily be trapped into. We sit together and lure ourselves more into the sweet temptation of roast turkey, mouth-watering Christmas cakes, smoked salmon and salads. The guilty pleasures of eating enslaved the gods of diet and before we knew it, we have already gained more pounds than the previous midnight.

Are you turkey-stuffed and covered with holiday flabs? You can reverse those unwanted pounds with these easy and quick holiday fat-blasters which you can do even with your stressful and frazzled schedule.

  1. Kick-off your cardiovascular exercise by doing rounds of jumping jacks. This may take up to 30 seconds.
  2. Do step-up lunges using stairs or a bench. This brings benefit to your leg muscles as you step one foot forward while the other is stepping up onto the bench. Repeat this exercise for 90 seconds for well-defined hamstrings and gluteus.
  3. Cling on crunches and get those to-die-for abs in no time. A few sets of crunches combined with powerful cardio can eliminate those flabs as these tones the abdominal muscle. Crunches can also help in easing constipation problems and are a great way to develop strong pelvic muscle and body posture.
  4. Reinforce some dumbbell training for a better body. Do 15-20reps for a full-body fitness that can turn those pounds into sweat.
  5. Adopt the explosive leapfrog movement. This workout composes mainly of hopping, jumping and bounding routines that are proven to be effective in strengthening leg muscles and body firming results. Do this in 1 minute with at least 1-4reps.

Are you ready to get on the floor and sweat off your extra holiday weight? Do not shun the good times of festivities just because you are on a strict diet to keep your heavenly summer bod. Letting yourself crave for a calorie blowout is fine. While losing weight may be harder than gaining them, keep in mind that your self-discipline and control can always take you back to where you started. So taste the sweetness of the holidays, raise those forks and keep your incomparably good mindset. After all, good memories will keep you warm forever. The rest, like holiday fats, can be burned and melted.

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