Meet The Beautiful Finalists In The 2020 Australian International Pageant


Mrs., Ms, Miss & Miss Teen Australia International is a competition that recognises gifted women from across the continent. Unlike pageants that focus mainly on beauty, this contest emphasises the talents, the accomplishments, the personalities, and the societal contributions of its participants.

Each of the contestants in this pageant is committed to a worthwhile cause of her choosing, and each is allotted time during the proceedings to speak about that issue. In so doing, these women can educate viewers about the steps that they can take to make a positive difference. What’s more, every winner spends a full year traveling throughout Australia and advocating for her beliefs.

This contest is part of the esteemed Mrs., Miss & Miss Teen International pageant network, an enterprise that celebrates women from all over the world. It has fast become one of the most distinguished and popular pageant brands on the planet, and many women have found that taking part in one of these competitions is a powerful way to influence others.

Here are the stunning finalists for the Australian International Pageant 2020:

Miss Teen Australia Finalists


Name: Adelayde Mckellar, QLD National Finalist
Age: 18
Platform: Domestic Violence
Hobbies: Reading & Walking

Miss Australia Finalists


Name: Manish Gautam, TAS National Finalist
Age: 21
Platform: The children Charity
Hobbies: Traveling Modeling & Dancing


Name: Tiffany Shen, VIC National Finalist
Age: 29
Platform: The Sunlight Foundation
Hobbies: Makeup Piano & Singing

Ms Australia Finalists


Name: Ashmita Sharma, NSW National Finalist
Age: 30
Platform: Beyond Blue
Hobbies: Fitness, Walking & Camping


Name: Elizabeth Pohlmann, VIC National Finalist
Age: 39
Platform: Scleroderma
Hobbies: Reading Self-Development Singing


Name: Havannah Kelly, NSW National Finalist
Age: 24
Platform: Mental Health
Hobbies: Gym, Psychology & Dancing


Name: Sindu Varathan, VIC National Finalist
Age: 38
Platform: Save The Children
Hobbies: Music & Gardening

Mrs. Australia Finalists


Name: Kerry VanderHelm, QLD National Finalist
Age: 38
Platform: Stroke Foundation Australia
Hobbies: Gym, Reading & Spending Time With Family


Name: Laura Ratliff, NSW National Finalist
Age: 35
Platform: Nancy Lieberman Charities
Hobbies: Unicycling, Gym & Reading

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