Reality TV Show Miss Multiverse Australia Is Going Virtual For 2020


Australia’s Miss Multiverse is pulling out all the stops and is going virtual for 2020.

Although COVID-19 has caused many industries to slow down, or completely shut down, the TV series Miss Multiverse Australia has not allowed themselves to be stopped, by re-designing the series into a virtual format to ensure their next season will be able to continue.

“Being innovative, resilient and smart is a large portion of what our brand stands for and what we look for in our models. Who are we as a brand, and as role-models, if we cannot demonstrate these qualities in times like these?” Says Producer, Yolandi Franken.

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Miss Multiverse Australia Season One was released on Amazon Prime in April 2020 and has gained momentum quickly. The show creators do not want to jeopardise this by putting a hold on the production of Season Two.

While this decision could be viewed as bold and risky, it is a one that the creators of the TV series, Miss Multiverse Australia, are willing to take.

As expected, the format of Season Two is going to be very different, instead of the judges travelling across Australia to meet the models at the Regional Finals and then gathering the qualifying models in a mansion to undertake the tests and challenges of National Finals, the series will be filmed with each model safe and in lockdown conditions.
Some challenges will be completed during virtual gatherings, while other challenges will be given directly to the models to film themselves completing.

Careful planning and guidelines have been developed to ensure the highest quality of footage and content. Each challenge is purely based on scores, so by completing the challenges as they have been planned, there will be no change needed in this area.

“Without revealing too much, I believe it is safe to predict that audiences will be pleasantly surprised with how our production team plans to pull this off. It is often under pressure that great new ideas are formed. Things that seemed impossible only a few months ago are now not only possible, but also exciting and unique.” Says Producer, Yolandi Franken.

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While restrictions are easing in some Australian states, there are still many limitations, particularly around interstate travel. Miss Multiverse Australia cannot take the risk of planning to film Season Two with the same format as Season One and then potentially having to cancel the series last minute if restrictions are not lifted or if there is a second COVID-19 outbreak.

This is the time to be pro-active and remain one step ahead of the situation.

Filming of Season Two will be from the 1st to the 16th of August 2020. If the 2020 winner is unable to attend the international finals to compete against thirty international models, due to COVID-19 international travel restrictions, she will attend in 2021 with the Australian winner of 2021.

The current applicants have all been notified of the changes and applications are once again open for models who wish to apply for Season Two.

Interested models can apply here: Miss Multiverse Australia Application

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