Arielle Raycene: Supermodel, Actress, and Tech Innovator Takes the Leap into Augmented Reality with RealAF

Arielle Raycene, best known for her illustrious career in modeling and acting, is now making waves in the tech world as the Director and the face of the upcoming platform, RealAF. With global recognition from outlets like PLAYBOY, FHM, and MAXIM, Arielle Raycene is no stranger to the spotlight. However, her latest venture promises to redefine social media interaction as we know it.

Arielle’s brainchild, RealAF, is set to launch soon and aims to revolutionize how we engage with social media. This innovative platform integrates cutting-edge 3D video technology into user profiles, rendering filters obsolete. The driving force behind RealAF is authenticity, urging users to be their unfiltered, authentic selves on social media.

Imagine having the power to host a lifelike, high-end runway fashion show or perfect your backhand or golf swing, all within the convenience of the RealAF app. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, as the platform plans to integrate its technology into next-gen gadgets, including the highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro.

RealAF isn’t just about tech; it’s about empowering creators. The platform allows content producers to create and monetize 3D holographic videos online and in AR or VR. Users can curate profiles featuring 2D and 3D content, enabling followers to preview, purchase, and unlock these immersive experiences. This groundbreaking technology brings creators closer to their audience, mirroring real-life interactions and challenging the unrealistic beauty standards prevalent online.

RealAF is committed to promoting authenticity and transparency. Creators on the platform are prohibited from using beauty apps or AI body-enhancing tools in their posts, encouraging them to embrace their genuine beauty.

Arielle Raycene’s commitment to authenticity and self-love stems from her personal experiences, including witnessing a loved one’s battle with an eating disorder. She has used her platform to advocate for body positivity and empowerment for years. RealAF is a natural extension of her values, promoting genuine self-expression in a world dominated by filters and edits.

The platform’s motto, “being your best self means being your real self,” aligns seamlessly with Arielle’s beliefs. While AI beauty features have gained popularity, they often contribute to warped self-perceptions. RealAF offers a refreshing alternative rooted in honesty and authenticity.

Arielle Raycene, with her charisma and down-to-earth charm, is the perfect leader for the RealAF movement. Her 440K Instagram followers and extensive acting career, including appearances in off-Broadway shows and films like “CONFIDENTIAL INFORMANT,” attest to her enduring appeal.

As Arielle Raycene ventures into the augmented reality world with RealAF, she’s poised to make a lasting impact by challenging the status quo of social media and championing authenticity in the digital age.

StarCentral Magazine recently caught up with Arielle to discuss her journey in the industry, and here’s what went down:

Arielle, your career has spanned the modeling and acting worlds, with features in PLAYBOY, FHM, and MAXIM. How has your background in these industries influenced your transition into the world of augmented reality with RealAF?

I’ve been in front and behind cameras my whole life. RealAF allows me to produce and direct content for the next generation of digital media. What I’m really excited about is producing and directing in a new 3D video format and delivering viewers a new way to view and interact with this content.

Could you share with us the inspiration behind the creation of RealAF and how you envision it revolutionizing the social media landscape?

RealAF is pioneering the spatial computing domain, democratizing access to 3D experiences for everyone, regardless of their budget. I was captivated by 3D video’s potential but was deterred by its prohibitive costs and complexity. This sparked my drive to create a platform where anyone could harness the power of 3D video.

RealAF currently provides creators and brands a dynamic 3D online profile compatible with 2D and 3D viewing experiences. The rapid advancements in the spatial web and spatial computing realms enthuse us. With innovations like Apple Vision OS as precursors, we see RealAF evolving into an indispensable tool for creators eager to craft and distribute 3D content on emerging devices.

\RealAF is not just another social profile; it’s our vision for the future of 3D social interactions. As technology propels us forward, I envision RealAF becoming an expansive 3D social media platform integral to the creator economy, reminiscent of YouTube, but in 3D.

Augmented reality is a cutting-edge technology. What motivated you to dive into this tech-driven venture, and how do you see RealAF enhancing users’ social media experiences?

RealAF is a new kind of experience, something that most people have never seen. We can take all forms of content and deliver them in a 3D experience. We can also deliver them in augmented reality, placing them into the environment of the fans. This takes user-generated content to the next level. Now, any creator can be anywhere with their user- from the Eiffel Tower to their living room. The creator can be in the same physical space where the user is; this is a whole new tool for the creator market. Think about a singer singing their latest track in your living room. Then, you can create a video of you singing along. This is a win-win, creating new content for the fan and new promotion for the musician.

The concept of users being their authentic selves on social media is compelling. Can you elaborate on how RealAF’s integration of 3D video technology and the removal of filters align with this goal?

Since we are capturing the creator in a 360 volumetric studio and creating a hologram, there is no hiding, and the work that would go into editing a hologram would be extensive. Wouldn’t it be better if we just stepped into the studio without worrying about being so perfect? Also, since a single video is taken from 100+ angles and turned into 3D, this content can be used in other 3D platforms to create dynamic 2D drone shots from a single video. I think without worrying about the beauty filters; it gives creators a sense of freedom within the app to create and play.

RealAF’s platform appears to cater to a diverse range of content creators. How do you foresee artists like models, athletes, and musicians leveraging this technology to connect with their audience in novel ways?

We have had all of those types in. Models do catwalks and fashion shows, musicians drop a new song, and athletes demonstrate their skill set or workouts. We just had a shoot with a very famous pro basketball trainer who shot a series of dribbling drills. This instructional content is leaps and bounds more helpful than a 2D video because the viewer can see from every perspective, zoom in, see the exact form, and ultimately put it on the court to see what it looks like in real life. This training video only took 5 minutes to make because we recorded 100 perspectives simultaneously in one continuous shot.

RealAF’s platform is indeed versatile and appeals to a diverse range of content creators.
For example:
• – **Models** showcase catwalks and fashion shows, providing a more immersive experience than traditional mediums.
• – **Musicians** can release new tracks, giving fans a unique and engaging listening experience.
• **Athletes**, like the renowned pro basketball trainer we recently collaborated with, can present instructional content. Viewers can watch from every angle instead of a flat 2D video, zoom in on the details, and observe precise form. This multi-perspective approach is far superior, allowing learners to replicate real-life techniques more accurately.

What’s even more impressive is the efficiency of our platform. Recording from 100 perspectives at once, we can capture a comprehensive video in a single take. The basketball training video was produced in just 5 minutes in one shot. This technology elevates the viewer’s experience and revolutionizes the content creation process for artists across fields.

Your vision of creating lifelike fashion shows and improving sports skills through augmented reality is intriguing. Could you shed light on the process and capabilities allowing users to achieve these experiences within the RealAF app?

RealAF offers a spectrum of technologies tailored to deliver immersive experiences, catering to both creators and viewers:

First, we offer a Volumetric Capture Stage. This state-of-the-art method uses 100+ depth cameras within a vast green screen environment. Originally developed for high-end cinematic experiences akin to movies like Avatar, it encompasses a complete production setup, including a professional team and audio engineering to ensure top-notch quality.

Next, we have a Partnership with a company called Volugrams. They are one of the leading AI technologies that empower creators to convert standard 2D videos shot on an iPhone into 3D volumetric videos. This is done using AI, which estimates and fills in unseen parts of the subject, making the transition from 2D to 3D seamless. The ease of creating 3D content with generative AI is the next step in creating content. RealAF is at the forefront of giving creators a place to publish and share this content easily and at scale.

The last option is creating a ChromaKey AI video. We enable this tech within our platform where creators upload a 2D video, and we remove the background, making it look like a 3D video. This gives the illusion of a 3D experience, although viewers won’t be able to navigate around it fully.

Each tool equips creators to craft content that can be viewed in standard 2D, immersive AR, or fully-enveloping VR. With RealAF, it’s not just about viewing; it’s about bringing the creator’s vision directly into the viewer’s space, allowing unparalleled closeness and interaction.

Integrating your technology into upcoming devices like the Apple Vision Pro sounds fascinating. How do you envision this partnership shaping the future of augmented reality and social media interaction?

“RealAF is leading the transition into ‘Web3D’. Moving beyond conventional webpages, we morph each page into its own unique spatial web environment. This innovation enables creators to design a singular experience that our system tailors for various interfaces. Instead of incurring the time, effort, and cost to develop distinct experiences for each device, creators craft their vision once, and it’s seamlessly optimized for everything from traditional desktops and mobiles to the advanced Apple Vision Pro devices. This efficiency streamlines the content creation process, significantly reduces costs, and ensures consistency across platforms. As Apple Vision OS emerges as the next big thing in spatial computing, our partnership guarantees a unified and immersive experience on their platform. We firmly believe that our collaboration is poised to revolutionize content creation, web browsing, and social media engagement, marking a transformative era in the digital landscape.”

Augmented reality has the potential to bridge virtual and real worlds. How do you envision RealAF impacting the entertainment and social media spheres and how we engage with technology in our daily lives?

RealAF is leading the transition into ‘Web3D’ evolution, transitioning from traditional web pages to crafting each as a distinct spatial web environment. Our mission is to simplify and democratize spatial computing, ensuring 3D experiences are accessible to everyone. Creators can now design a single experience, and our platform seamlessly optimizes it across diverse platforms, from traditional desktops and mobiles to cutting-edge devices like the Apple Vision Pro. This streamlined approach enhances content creation and leads to significant cost savings, ensuring uniformity in presentation across all platforms.

Currently, RealAF presents creators and brands with a vibrant 3D online platform that seamlessly melds 2D and 3D user experiences. As innovations like the Apple Vision OS emerge, pointing towards a future where spatial computing becomes normative, RealAF is strategically poised to become an essential tool for creators. We offer them the means to craft and distribute 3D content compatible with an array of next-gen devices.

Yet, RealAF’s vision is more expansive than just being a digital profile. We foresee it blossoming into a comprehensive 3D social media ecosystem. As the digital horizon expands, we aspire for RealAF to stand as a pivotal hub in the creator economy, akin to platforms like YouTube but enriched by the depth and interactivity of 3D.

As the Director and face of RealAF, you’re at the forefront of its journey. Could you share any specific challenges you’ve encountered in bringing this tech venture to fruition and how you’ve overcome them?

Introducing pioneering technology to a market can be challenging, especially when it embodies concepts people haven’t encountered before. While the underlying tech is intricate, our main challenge has been to develop both a creator and intuitive user experience, especially given our platform’s novelty. As we’ve bootstrapped RealAF, we’ve had to achieve a lot with limited resources. However, we’ve persevered, and with our imminent launch next month, we anticipate completing our funding round. This will allow us to expand our team and propel RealAF to even greater heights.

What’s your long-term vision for RealAF, and how do you hope the platform will shape the future of how we interact with content, technology, and each other?

My long-term vision for RealAF is rooted in its pioneering ethos. We’re leading the transition to ‘Web3D’, turning each digital space into a unique spatial web environment. Our goal is not only to streamline and simplify spatial computing but to democratize it, ensuring 3D experiences are accessible to everyone. This means enabling creators to craft a singular, immersive experience that our platform then tailors across multiple devices, from traditional desktops to cutting-edge platforms like the Apple Vision Pro.

While introducing such avant-garde technology had challenges—especially explaining novel concepts and ensuring ease of use—the impending launch promises a transformative direction. We’re moving beyond the notion of RealAF as just a digital profile. Instead, we envision it as a comprehensive 3D social media ecosystem, akin to platforms like YouTube, but with the enriched depth and interactivity of 3D.

By redefining how we conceive and interact with digital spaces, RealAF has the potential to reshape not only content consumption but also social interactions. As we become more integrated into digital landscapes, I foresee RealAF playing a pivotal role in bridging the gap between content, technology, and interpersonal connections. Ultimately, I hope that RealAF will stand at the intersection of these realms, offering a more immersive, intuitive, and interconnected experience for all.

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