Global Recognition in Gold: The Countdown to IGSA’s Dazzling Debut Begins

In a groundbreaking move poised to redefine the global landscape of beauty pageantry, the International Golden Sash Awards (IGSA) is preparing for its momentous debut in the vibrant city of Manila in February 2024. Recognized as the beauty pageant equivalent of the prestigious Oscars, this inaugural event is set to transcend conventional notions of glamour by spotlighting not only the physical beauty but also the talent and profound impact of beauty queens hailing from diverse corners of the globe.

Conceived with visionary zeal by CEO Maryrose Salubre, the IGSA stands as more than a glamorous celebration; it signifies a profound acknowledgment of the extraordinary achievements of beauty queens and outstanding individuals spanning a spectrum of industries. Beyond the glittering façade of beauty pageants, this prestigious ceremony seeks to pay homage to trailblazers in entertainment, music, modeling, fashion, entrepreneurship, politics, and beyond.

Under the dynamic leadership of Maryrose Salubre, the IGSA is not merely a singular event; it serves as a precursor to a comprehensive global recognition platform. In pursuit of this grand vision, Salubre is set to launch the Golden Sash Awards in various countries worldwide, expanding the reach of the IGSA initiative. Successful launches have already taken place, with the Australian Golden Sash Awards and the Philippines Golden Sash Awards.

Looking ahead, the ambitious goal for 2025 is to extend the Golden Sash Awards to countries worldwide, with the next stops being the New York and Europe Golden Sash Awards. Culminating in a grand event—the International Golden Sash Awards—this visionary initiative, founded on the principle that achievements transcend borders, seeks to unite the global community in celebrating excellence and positive contributions to the world.

The collaborative efforts between MS Entertainment Network, StarCentral Magazine, and Megastar Production ensure a seamless and spectacular event that not only captivates audiences but also establishes a new tradition in the world of beauty pageants. As anticipation builds for the first-ever IGSA, beauty queens and exceptional individuals nominated for these prestigious awards can expect an unforgettable evening—a night of recognition, celebration, and the commencement of a new era in global beauty pageantry.

This one-of-a-kind awards ceremony, which carries significant weight in the industry, aims to let everyone know that their hard work is not only acknowledged but celebrated on a global stage. The IGSA promises to be a beacon of inspiration, uniting the world in celebrating the diverse achievements that define true beauty in its myriad forms.

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